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Isthmus has helped train the next generation of journalists for four decades. The pandemic tested that mission. Read more

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Chicago Reader protest

Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth

Like Isthmus, the Chicago Reader — one of the nation’s oldest alt-weeklies — decided to transition to a nonprofit. But a dispute over content almost derailed the whole thing. Read more

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Black leaders have moved into positions of power and influence in Madison and are launching multimillion dollar projects. A new documentary looks at this moment. Read more

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Sen. Kelda Roys

Judith Davidoff

Opinion: Many Wisconsinites may not realize that the state has a very old criminal abortion ban on the books that would go into effect were Roe v. Wade overturned. But Isthmus has written about the ban, the first time more than 30 years ago. Read more

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Which stories are told in the news can significantly impact how people see the world and whether they see opportunity for change and progress. Read more

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