• Tell All: My girlfriend is stupid about movies

    I consider myself an expert on movies. My girlfriend loves typical blockbusters. Is she going to ruin an Oscar party for me? Read more

  • Fighting for a seat at the table

    Three school board seats are up for a election this spring, and several candidates of color are running, in part to try to make the board more reflective of the community. Read more


  • A last-ditch deal

    As more details come out, it appears that no one in the Walker administration did any research on liquid crystal display fabrication plants or on Terry Gou, the Taiwanese founder and CEO of Foxconn. Read more


  • Can anyone topple Soglin?

    Five challengers say it’s time for new leadership in Madison — in other words, it’s time for Mayor Paul Soglin to go. But the city’s veteran mayor says his opponents overlook progress made during his last two terms and he’s “not done yet.” Read more


  • In the image of Evers?

    At last count there were no less than 11 declared candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. And others are likely on the way. What trait am I looking for? Boring. Read more

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