• “It’s absolute bullshit”

    Brad Pfaff was unanimously approved by the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Wisconsin farm groups. But Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald led a successful drive to reject Pfaff’s confirmation before the full Senate. Read more


  • “No perfect route”

    Madison city staff contemplates how to route Bus Rapid Transit through downtown, including whether the system should go around the Square and down State Street. Read more


  • Sound check

    Isthmus reporter Dylan Brogan traveled to Burlington, VT to see how people are faring since the arrival of F-35 fighter jets at their Air National Guard base. Read more


  • Four meats, no seats

    Ham, fried chicken, baked chicken, and ribs are joined by five sides. The small menu gives Marie’s the opportunity to shine and perfect its dishes. Read more

  • The right balance

    Policymakers and scientists are discussing how to best protect taxpayer-funded research from foreign influence. Read more