Citizen Dave


  • A rotten semester

    Jefferson Middle School will finish the year with an interim principal after a semester marked by several violent incidents. A whistleblower is also being investigated for leaking student information and sending hundreds of anonymous emails. Read more


  • A perfect day for a barleywine

    Beers rarely seen outside of brewery taprooms and big beers perfect for a snowy winter day were highlights at the 2020 Isthmus Beer and Cheese Festival. Read more


  • A noon nosh for less

    Feel better about eating out at lunch by ordering a special. Even downtown restaurants have deals. Read more

  • What this moderate believes

    Populism on the right or left does not appeal to me. I might no longer qualify as a liberal. I’m a moderate. Read more


  • Evers’ chance at redemption

    Tony Evers made a mistake when appointing a career utility lawyer to be the PSC chair. He should do better this time. Read more