Citizen Dave


  • From park to parking lot

    James Madison Park is known for its large stretches of grassy field along the shores of Lake Mendota. But a proposed plan for the park introduces more parking and other changes. more


  • The trip to bountiful

    There were a lot of New England IPAs this year, and many of them were good, even great. But our Robin Shepard doesn’t stop there. Here are all his favorite beers of 2018. more

  • Would you believe this one?

    There’s a certain degree of hypocrisy inherent in politics. But with their statements on the lame-duck legislation, Wisconsin Republicans are saying the quiet part out loud. more

  • Crepe escape

    Cafe Brittoli, in the old Cafe Zoma, has a new menu but is still a work in progress. Head for the breakfast sammies and the crepes. more

  • Man with a plan

    UW-Madison’s WARF was founded in 1925 to help bring ground breaking research to the market. But it’s fallen behind the times and desperately needs to change. Erik Iverson has a plan. more

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