Citizen Dave


  • One step back

    Restaurants and bars change with the changing rules. State Street Brats is temporarily closed, Dexter’s opens for takeout and Gib’s is in limbo. Read more


  • Make it rain with the 1s and 0s

    Help out local artists by buying some music online. Here's a few more recent releases to get you started. Read more

  • Book bind

    “Physical restrictions during the pandemic will not allow us to open Monroe Street safely,” says library director Gregory Mickells. The smallest of Madison’s branches, Monroe Street could open, but “maybe with one person inside,” says Mickells. Read more

  • Next steps for Overture

    Overture is predicting a $7 million budget shortfall this year even with severe staffing cuts. Read more

  • Don’t keep customers in the dark

    The Wisconsin Grocers Association has joined the regressive Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce to fight the Evers administration’s tentative steps toward listing businesses where at least two employees have tested positive for COVID-19. Read more