Privacy Policy

We collect minimum information about your visit to our web sites. Facebook, Twitter and other third parties may be aware that you visted us. We cannot control that, but there is very little risk.

Knowing who visits

We watch visitors to our website by using Google Analytics. Analytics simply records which pages you visit, what web site you were viewing before you arrived at our site, and some information about your computer hardware, such as screen size and operating system. All of this information is anonymous, so there is no personally identifiable information. We use this data to make a better site for our readers.

You can learn more about Google Analytics or opt out.

Social Media

Services such as Facebook and Twitter have features such as the “Like” and “Tweet” buttons. We do not control the code these services supply nor do we have access to any data they might collect by your clicking on one of their buttons.

Article Comments

Some of our sites use a system to comment on article content that is strictly internal. It requires an email address to make a comment. Your email address is simply to prove that you are not a bot and will never be used outside this functionality or be sold to a third party.


Where your email address may be used is when you sign up for one of our giveaways and opt in to receive communication from us, when you attend one of our events and fill out a form giving us permission to contact you, when you sign up on one of our websites to receive news and information from us, or another method where opting in to receiving emails from us is obvious. In which case: You will always have the ability to opt out of our email newsletters at any time and we will never sell your personal information to any third parties.

Privacy Policy Updates

We may occasionally update this policy. Please check back here for the latest version. If you have any questions, please contact us via email.