• Calming the electorate

    Clerks expect voter turnout to be high, even for a presidential year. All report an already busier than average season — primarily due to an unprecedented number of absentee ballots and the extra precautions needed due to COVID-19. Read more

  • Trumpeting democracy

    “A democracy is a living, breathing organism that enables individual choice and elevates the common cause,” says Wynton Marsalis. “This is also the objective of jazz.” Read more

  • Behind the ballots

    Love Wisconsin, the digital storytelling website that celebrates our state, took a closer look at the voting process by giving 10 poll workers a voice. Read more


  • Our students and teachers deserve this

    The COVID-19 relief package passed by the state Legislature in April provided no economic support for Wisconsin schools and it hasn’t authored anything since. Read more


  • Trump world comes to Janesville

    President Donald Trump mentioned the COVID-19 pandemic only briefly during his remarks in Janesville, saying “You got to open the state up.” His supporters also believe concerns about the coronavirus are overblown. Read more