Favorite reads

  • Bygone Madison menus

    A year into the pandemic, our food editor finally sifts through her files to set up her home office. Some beloved old menus found in the desk detritus deserve to be shared. Read more


  • A swing through divided Wisconsin

    President Donald Trump will likely need battleground Wisconsin to win re-election. Are voters in key swing areas of the state still backing him? Staff writer Dylan Brogan hit the road to find out. Read more


  • A stitch in time

    Larry Schmitt is one of the few experts in nalbinding in the country. It predates knitting and crochet and dates back to 6500 B.C. Read more


  • After the purge

    With a “Wisconsin is open for business” mantra, former Gov. Scott Walker and legislative Republicans set a course to dramatically diminish the role of science in regulating and protecting Wisconsin’s abundant natural resources. Read more


  • Vinyl Cave: A piece of 1970s Wisconsin musical history

    Whatever the story is with these oddly-covered 1970s albums, they are all musically worthwhile. Read more