• Tangent to become Vintage

    A big win at the Great American Beer Festival prompts Vintage to make some changes. Tangent, its downtown location, will be renamed to highlight its Vintage connection. Read more

  • Too hot to handle

    The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection was charged with testing hemp fields to ensure the crop didn’t contain too much THC. The agency had 18 inspectors to collect and test thousands of samples within a matter of weeks. Read more


  • Five new restaurants you need to try in Madison, Wisconsin

    Where should you be eating? These five spots took top honors in our 2019 reader poll for favorite new restaurant. Read more


  • The NIMBY test

    Lately the NIMBY label has been weaponized as a blanket term for all neighborhood activism. Read more


  • Electrifying change

    Will e-bikes and electric scooters get more people out of their cars, reduce climate-changing pollution and make us all healthier? Or will they wreak chaos on city streets and overrun quiet recreational areas? Either way, change is coming. Read more


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