• Sunday morning ritual

    Every Sunday morning, the coffee and conversation are free at the Jenifer Street Market. Not everybody pauses to chat, but those who do become part of the market’s family. more


  • Fitchburg mayor faces attorney malpractice lawsuit

    Fitchburg Mayor Jason Gonzalez is being sued by a former legal client who spent over 200 days in jail for felony charges that were ultimately overturned. more

  • “Here we go again.”

    Many efforts over the years to repeal Wisconsin’s strict abortion ban failed — even after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the law unenforceable in Roe v. Wade. With Trump’s latest nomination to the Court, the old law still is scaring a lot of people. more

  • Food news

    Wasabi looks for help to stay open. The Cat Cafe couldn’t survive Monroe Street construction. And Bierock is open on the north side. more

  • Same difference

    Build-your-own puts the power of cuisine in the customer’s hands, which may be a good or a bad thing. But the real problem at El Rancho Mexican grill is the meats are bland and sit in too much juice. more

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