Latest Food & Drink Stories

  • Food for Thought: Always in Season

    Urban farming can give cities an opportunity to diversify the food landscape. Read more

  • In Wisconsin, this is our religion

    In Wisconsin, every Friday, we observe the ritual. Blue gill! Whitefish! Haddock! Perch! Try these four under-the-radar gems for Friday fish fry. Read more


  • Eats events

    Craft spirits at the Edgewater, pork hocks and sauerkraut at Good Shepherd Catholic Parish and a Latin American custard dessert class at Monona Bakery & Eatery, this week in events that flan-tastic. Read more

  • It’s a keeper

    It’s hard to find a Bière de Garde on the market. The Lone Girl and Giant Jones have teamed up for a very inviting take on the style. Read more

  • Say it like “festival”

    It could well be the biggest woman-only gathering of chefs and artisanal food producers ever held in the state. Femmestival showcases under-represented women food and beverage producers, as well as artists. Read more