Latest Food & Drink Stories

  • Barbecue truck out back

    One Barrel Brewing has remodeled its Atwood location and hopes to reopen at the end of July with an expanded menu. Owner Peter Gentry is also considering more expansion opportunities. Read more

  • Restaurants eye a better future

    Support from the government to improve access to affordable health care, child care and transportation will all help restaurants improve going forward, say participants in a recent roundtable. Read more

  • Raising the bar

    Single-origin chocolate bars should be savored like a glass of fine wine. Brook Johnson of Yahara Chocolate in Stoughton wants to educate consumers on the best of the best. Read more

  • Suits to a “tea”

    Hard kombucha from Lake Louie Brewing is about to hit local shelves Memorial Day weekend. It’s the latest in lighter alcoholic drinks, like shandies and hard seltzers. Read more

  • Service squeeze

    A shortage of restaurant workers is hampering businesses’ re-opening efforts as COVID-19 restrictions lessen. A recruiter at a local staffing agency thinks the squeeze may result in better pay and benefits. Read more