Marc Eisen

Marc Eisen saw 80-some concerts in 2019. He narrows it down to a dozen standouts in his annual roundup of musical discoveries. Read more

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WARF has cut ties with its award-winning investment officer, Carrie Thome. The move raises questions about what’s happening behind the scenes with UW’s patenting and licensing operation. Read more


With The Milkweed, Pete Hardin has been a hard-edged voice challenging exploitative food processors, bullying seed companies and self-serving agricultural groups that he feels habitually abuse the farmers who enrich them. Read more

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James Heimer

UW Health and School of Medicine and Public Health need a “major culture change” if they’re going to move their world class research into drugs and treatments that will save lives, a recent study argues. Read more

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The time has come for a 2018 concert roundup from former Isthmus editor Marc Eisen, whose eclectic musical tastes span from opera to experimental jazz — stopping everywhere in between. Read more



Jim Mayfield

UW-Madison’s WARF was founded in 1925 to help bring ground breaking research to the market. But it’s fallen behind the times and desperately needs to change. Erik Iverson has a plan. Read more

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Founded in 2013, Discovery To Product showed great promise to help UW-Madison researchers create successful companies. Instead, the program has become a model of university dysfunction. Read more



Jeff Miller/UW-Madison

Although UW-Madison spends more than $1 billion on research a year, many complain that bureaucracy is hampering research. However, the med school is striving to stay true to The Wisconsin Idea, by bringing its research to the people. Read more

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The Waisman Center

UW Communications

A simple blood test might help diagnose autism in children as young as 18 months. But why did UW-Madison's Waisman Center, internationally known for its studies of developmental disabilities and neurodegenerative diseases, choose not to participate? Read more

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David Michael Miller

UW-Madison pioneered partnerships with American industry, collecting billions in research funds and helping to bring groundbreaking technology to market. But is the campus bureaucracy now holding the school back? Read more

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Lucas Endres

The cocktail that changed their lives. Boozy revelations from high doses of bitters to fat-washed martinis. Read more

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David Michael Miller

There are serious issues facing the state, not the least of which is Wisconsin’s growing economic chasm. Let’s see how the Democratic candidates for governor would create broad-based well-being. Read more



Todd Hubler

The rise of local distilleries is hard to miss, across the east side of Madison — and statewide. While deregulation made it possible, it’s word of mouth that’s making the scene thrive. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

Marc Eisen has wide-ranging musical tastes. From opera to country, experimental jazz to neo soul, he shares his yearly reflection on the music scene in Madison — and beyond. Read more



David Michael Miller

Troy Vosseller, Madison’s startup wunderkind, argues two things would unleash entrepreneurs in Wisconsin: getting rid of non-compete clauses and beefing up the UW-Madison’s computer science program. Read more



David Michael Miller

Wisconsin’s recovery from the Great Recession has been hopelessly incomplete. Dane County is flourishing while rural communities and Milwaukee languish. However, there are other ideas for jump starting the economy besides a $3 billion bet on Foxconn. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Call it “the two Wisconsins.” While Dane County booms and the bigger cities in the Fox River Valley and western Wisconsin prosper, the rest of the state is largely mired in a downturn that is a recession in all but name. Read more

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Kelly Avenson

He’s only had one monster hit, but that hardly matters to pat mAcdonald. The prolific singer/songwriter is working on his legacy, building a community of artists and songwriters in Sturgeon Bay and beyond. Read more

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Quincy Bioscience has made a fortune on its brain enhancement supplement, Prevagen. Now, the FDA and New York State claim it’s defrauded customers of millions by making bogus claims. Will the company survive the lawsuit? Read more



Carolyn Fath

Former Isthmus editor Marc Eisen has seen approximately 500 concerts in the past ten years. He looks back at the music that transfixed and transported him at concerts in Madison...and beyond. Read more

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