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Clear Lake 2009

I missed a chance to see them in St Louis in 1965, but finally saw & spoke with them at the Clear Lake, Iowa, 50th Anniversary show marking the Buddy Holly plane crash. Gordon was droll & bitingly funny, and he sounded fine on stage, though he had a low, gruff rumble to his voice in conversation. When I told him how much I enjoyed his classic take on "True Love Ways" he told me with some chagrin that they had lowered the keys of the songs to accommodate Peter's change of range. Although he certainly had let himself go physically, he seemed to be OK, we were really surprised to hear that he died later that same year. Funny enough, I attended the Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame dinner/induction at the Waldorf-Astoria in 1992, and we were seated at a table with Peter, along with Carlos Santana and others. He didn't really have anything to say to anyone at the table that night, but he was sociable enough at Clear Lake. I was very glad that I saw them before tragedy struck. "Hot Cold & Custard" is one of my favorite albums of the 60's, and I think certainly their best. I have always wondered though, why "Nobody I Know" doesn't appear on the "Best Of" LP's?

Craig Moore 20 days ago


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