• Killing the vibe, pt. II

    The Edgewater Hotel abruptly canceled its weekend concert series. Was it due to licensing issues or complaints from irate neighbors? In this update to our story, we get some answers. more

  • A conservative case for a gas tax hike

    Gov. Scott Walker and Senate Republicans want to borrow money to plug the transportation funding gap; Speaker Robin Vos wants to raise revenue. Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser offers his five-step plan for breaking the impasse. more


  • The cheese ain’t cutting it

    What do out-of-staters think of when they are asked what comes to mind when they think of Wisconsin? Cheese. That’s not helping attract well-educated, long-term residents to the workforce. more

  • Democrats don’t speak to legitimate blue-collar values

    The Democratic Party does not lose elections because voters are too dimwitted to understand how great the party’s policies are, and it doesn’t lose elections because of race or gender. more


  • DA’s office “messed up,” charges dropped

    Judge William Hanrahan forces the dismissal of cases against three alleged armed robbers after the Dane County District Attorney’s Office fails to produce a witness list on time. more

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