The wronged guy

A shocking new book revisits Steven Avery’s conviction for a crime he didn’t commit



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This guy is as clueless as most at Manitowoc PD....a serial killer saw Steven Avery being released in 2003 and plotted to destroy a community...he often killed on Halloween and other religious holidays....he killed Teresa Halbach and planted evidence to frame Steven Avery,....He left a note giving the cops some clues...he did it, because it is what he did...he was a Satanist who was raped in the 4th grade by priests in an orphanage...he killed JonBenetRamsey and the 3 kids who the Memphis3 were charged with killing and 500 others.....this case has been solved... ....

Mark j Musial 322 days ago

Wisconsin Law Enforcement, Judicial and Correctional Systems All BROKEN

In terms of Steven Avery, it matters not which one of any of the 72 Wisconsin counties is discussed, the law enforcement, court and correctional systems of each (together with their accomplice agencies and individuals therein) is overwhelmingly riddled with long-lasting and on-going corruption spanning the lowest to highest echelons of government that particularly includes the inept within the reaches of the Wisconsin Appeals and Supreme Courts.

Those operating and being paid from within the false and fraudulent system of justice in the State of Wisconsin, and elsewhere unfortunately, are ONLY concerned with the manufacture of controversy where none previously existed and/or exacerbating controversy FOR PURE PROFIT and personal gain.

How on God's green earth could the then, Attorney General Peggy Lautenschlager (currently in private practice with Michael Bauer & Daniel Bach - 123 Main Street, Madison, WI), absolve everyone involved with framing Steven Avery the first time with her bogus and self-serving finding of "no wrongdoing" on the part of any Manitowoc County Sheriff and other participating government officials?

Never mind Steven Avery and take a few moments to contemplate what the odds are and what all it must take for the "system" in Wisconsin to literally fail in every possible way and at every possible turn. It simply appalling the America we live in today.

I'd argue that you'd have a better chance of hitting the PowerBall jackpot multiple times than to have a system fail you in every possible way it can and in the ways it shouldn't.

What it takes is countless people to stay quiet and accept the corruption fraud as the status quo so as to keep lining their own pockets. It is a sad state of affairs for these systems of justice in Wisconsin as well as nationwide. The people holding public office or operating out of taxpayer funded agencies that are involved in corruption, frauds, deceptions and cover-ups needs to be brought to light before these judicial and related system(s) can be trusted to perform any public function.

Sergeant Fitz more than 1 year ago

what officers did to that man his family and his nephew was disturbing and disgusting

"All those who stand by and do nothing should be ashamed of themselves" p.s Brandon dasseys defense attorney was a joke

Frank Garcia more than 1 year ago

It's a matter of trust

To me, the largest issue is the loss of trust in Law Enforcement and the Justice system. To have no wrong doing found in the investigation is a sham. All evidence gathered by Manitowoc County should have been thrown out. They weren't supposed to be there, but they found all the evidence, creating doubt and possibly ruined any further proceedings. This is on top of one cop (the artistic dude with the 'tude) stating "Has evidence been planted before? Yes" and Kratz with his, if Avery is guilty, what difference does planting evidence make.

Deb more than 1 year ago

FREE Steve Avery & Brendan Dassey

They are clearly innocent and were framed. And the saddest part is Teresa's true killer(s) are still out there walking free.

SL more than 1 year ago


...the real killer Edward Edwards, died in prison in 2011....

m musial 322 days ago

Corruption in WI

I've just started this series and I find myself yelling at the tv. My husband and I lived a similar situation but it was with the wi department of corrections. The cover ups and lies are found in ever corner of this system. He actually has met both Avery(before release) and nephew after conviction. He said that this kid was so slow to understand normal things that anyone could convince him of anything. My husband was beat, tazed, left naked in seg for days .They controlled the water in the toilets and would leave it off for days. He was 17 at the time...look it up, Canyon Thixton. WI is a disgrace when it comes down to justice and the dept.of corrections.

Jessica Thixton more than 1 year ago

The people commenting.

"Divine intervention" is needed to stop people from ignoring the actual evidence and bringing their National Enquirer mentality into the public view. The current "Docudrama" "the Making of a Murderer" is a disgrace to serious journalism.

Barb Belltower. more than 1 year ago


Barb, your comments here are the only ones that speak to your rationality as a thoughtful person. It's astonishing how many people believe everything they read or see on TV as the absolute truth without one thought of digging a little deeper for the "rest of the story." People wonder how the United States became so divided... In my opinion it's pretty simple. People are too lazy to do their own research. Listening skills are non-existent. I'm afraid that immediate gratification, describes a gullible gross majority of our population.

Dee T. more than 1 year ago

Making a Murder

Talk about journalism,You can't even get the title correct

Rich Elmer more than 1 year ago


Capital "Y" in you...rave on Nadine.

Barb Belltower more than 1 year ago

Injustice in Wisconsin

Has anyone looked at the witnesses demeanor? The former boyfriend wouldn't look anyone in the eye during his testimony. He looked up her calls not knowing her password. How long did that take? Why wasn't he out looking for her? No,instead he was erasing a message or messages. Jurors were tainted. The city couldn't survive Steve's lawsuit. The city would have gone bankrupt.

Vicki more than 1 year ago

Shameful for the State of Wisconsin

My husband and I spent New Years Day watching this story on Netflix. I don't know if someone in power killed Theresa just to frame Steven or if those in power took advantage of a crime scene they found to save themselves some money from a lawsuit that was pending. Either way, I am praying for divine intervention to right this terrible wrong because it is obvious that there is no justice in Wisconsin.

Loretta Stone more than 1 year ago

Theresa never received the justice she deserved

Law enforcement was working to make them guilty verses working for justice. Theresa's killer is out there free to kill again. Her family was mislead and are victims of Wisconsin's poor law enforcement. There is a special place in the afterlife for corrupt people who hurt others.

Chris more than 1 year ago

What a nightmare

It seems it doesn't matter how simple a case of framing and cover up is, the bottomline is the American justice system is very unfair and screwed up. They should have moved the case to another state. Did they ever do DNA on the bones? Hang in there Steven, you and your nephew will be free again.

Willie Bolin Jr more than 1 year ago

steven averys is innocent

Reopen the case. It needs to be done. It is obvious that Steven Avery is innocent and only stupid people would not believe the proof the he was framed.

Ryan La Rue more than 1 year ago


He may or may not be, you didn't see the whole trial or all of the evidence. What is obvious is the bullying, lying way the police and prosecution conducted themselves.

Frank Sterling more than 1 year ago

We can only speculate...

Frank, you're almost right. The police may have framed Avery to save face after their first instance of misconduct, or maybe Avery snapped in prison and did kill Halbach, but we can't know for sure until we have definitive evidence, which we may never get. The point is, you're innocent until proven guilty, for both parties involved.

Jared Maichel more than 1 year ago

Does anyone consider fact that Theresa was murdered? I believe that he is innocent - but he is not the only victim. If he is innocent - the fact is that Theresa was a casualty in this conspiracy. There should be two suspects - Avery AND law enforcement - but the prime victim is the murdered woman. If he is innocent - he wasn't just framed. A woman was murdered by people in power.

Does anyone consider the fact that Teresa was murdered? I believe that he is innocent - but he is not the only victim. If he is innocent - the fact is that Teresa was a casualty in this conspiracy. There should be two suspects - Avery AND law enforcement - but the prime victim is the murdered woman. If he is innocent - he wasn't just framed. A woman was murdered by people in power. A murder was committed TO frame him.

Skiz more than 1 year ago

I agree

I bet it was the same guy that planted the key and blood!

Willie Bolin jr more than 1 year ago


2 days after watching Avery's story on Netflix, I am still angry that this innocent man is in prison yet again. He had NO motive to kill Teresa, but the local cops ad a motive to frame Avery. Why was the ex boyfriend, brother, and room mate looked at more? The ex "guessed" her phone password? Yeah, ok. And her brother deleted voicemails from his missing sisters phone! Why did room mate give the 1 person going to search the Avery lot a camera? Of allllll the searchers that went out that day, she's the only one. There is just so much more. In the words of Judge Judy, if it doesn't make sense, it's not true!

Dawn more than 1 year ago


The facts listed here for the disappearance of Teresa halbak are wrong. There was no proof she was raped, knifed, shot to death or anything of the like. I wonder how you and the prosecutors in this case can sleep at night. Shame on you. There is no justice if you have no. money.

Is more than 1 year ago


The Assistant District Attorney who wrote the book was the one who took evidence of misconduct to the Attorney General. He may be the only prosecutor in Wisconsin who has ever done the right thing. There's no question that Teresa deserves justice but the eyeball deep corruption and worthless appellate courts of Wisconsin are more concerned with protecting their reputations than the public. Not to mention, the Halbach family is still clinging to the belief that their faith in the prosecution wasn't a horrible mistake. I'm infuriated at the entire Wisconsin DOJ and heartbroken for both families.

RudelyAwakened more than 1 year ago

Assistant DA

The DA also ASSISTED in the PROSECUTION OF AVERY. Can't you read. Avery was a psychopath from grade school. People who set fire to their cats, abuse a fiancee and ram a sheriff's car amongst other things usually are. The Holbach family isn't clinging to anything but their sanity as a result of ignorant people like yourself calling for his release.

Barb Belltower more than 1 year ago

Good for the goose, good for the gander...

"Avery was a psychopath from grade school. People who set fire to their cats, abuse a fiancee and ram a sheriff's car amongst other things usually are."

So you're saying that people don't change? Couldn't this be extrapolated to the Sherrif's Department? If the culture in of the department in 1985 allowed them to clearly railroad Steven Avery once, you'd think that with the new regime (most of whom came up through the ranks from 1985) the culture would still allow for them to railroad him again.

Also, he didn't ram a sheriff's car. He rammed the car of his cousin, who was married to a member of the Sheriff's Department...which is probably one of the main reasons they had it out for him in 1985 in the first place. Seems like a possible pattern. Steven Avery upsets the local Sheriff's Department, there is a violent crime committed, law enforcement focuses solely on Steven Avery, and Steven Avery is made to bend over the barrel.

"The Holbach family isn't clinging to anything but their sanity as a result of ignorant people like yourself calling for his release."

I just want to see a fair trial, because he clearly didn't get one in 1985, or in 2005.

Wasted Crusader more than 1 year ago

JUSTICE isn't justice if you have the WRONG PERSON

Amen to - Good for the goose, good for the gander. I am glad that someone did the documentary showing another side (if you want to call it that) otherwise, the only side anyone would have ever known or believed is what Manitowoc county wanted people to see. NO Blood, no dna, ...any scene that was as brutal as they described it to be would have massive amounts of dna and blood. Justice isn't justice unless you get the right person. I believe Steven Avery was framed and if the state and county has NOTHING to hide...why not a new trial somewhere else that hasn't already framed him twice? I think that would be justice to all parties involved! There is to many unanswered questions. Ever heard? There are two sides to every story and then there's the TRUTH. Why are people so afraid?

Sharon Simmons more than 1 year ago

Where's the blood

You're concerned about if someone can read or not yet you seem to be the only slow person here that doesn't understand that if you slash someone's throat and shoot them, there's blood. Yet CLEARLY, there was NO blood found on this man's bed, in his home or in the garage. I understand you are one of those people who clearly can't see past the end of her nose, or maybe you sleep with an officer every night, but it is apparent that, at the minimum, this man is not guilty on the basis of reasonable doubt. Being "slow" or mentally retarded is NOT A CRIME! I assume that you're among those that automatically presume someone guilty until proven innocent as well.

SE more than 1 year ago


This article is an excerpt from a book published in 2011. I assume that when the book was written, the author thought those were "facts" - that she was tied up, raped, etc. - because that's what everyone was told after Dassey's "confession."

If you read other articles and interviews with the author today, he does acknowledge that interrogation techniques used against Dassey (which he saw watching the documentary like the rest of us) were wrong.

rebecca more than 1 year ago

Wisconsin is Guilty!

This case proves an absolute conspiracy and lack of human rights. The Wisconsin justice system should be ashamed of itself. The defense attorneys proved again and again the deception by the police department and it is obvious to any reasonable person outside of Wisconsin without a bias toward Avery that there is a conspiracy cover up. I can barely stop thinking about pour Dassey, a defenseless child who trusted adults who obviously guided him to tell lies by promising him he could return to his 6th grade class after. SHAME ON YOU WISCONSIN and the SUPREME COURT for not revisiting these cases without prejudice.

Ash more than 1 year ago


Innocent until proven guilty is a myth. Even if they prove their innocence, the media ruins the name of the accused and their family. Everyone remembers all the pretrial hype and coverage. Few remember those proven innocent. When 3 out of 6 minute swabs are tested, no one can really swear that the results are enough proof to convict a man of murder. How do we know that the swabs were even Steven's blood? Why weren't the other three tested. By the way, I have a B.S. of Chemistry degree. I happen to know just a little bit about labs. I don't believe Steven or Brendan is guilty. The Wisconsin Innocence Project has dropped Steven Avery like something horrific but continues to cite his innocence in the 1985 case. Hello the same people framed him in 1985. Why not do it again for a really good reason like saving their own families, careers, etc?

Judy Abston more than 1 year ago


Shame on Wisconsin for allowing this. I cannot believe this is even possible in this country. I lost confidence and trust in justice system. Wow. Interrogation of special Ed student Brenden was heart breaking. How do people like this even sleep at night. I know that deep in their hearts they know what they did and who they were protecting. This can happen to anybody in US. Good luck to you all out there. You and me can be victims of corruption like this.

Leo Satara more than 1 year ago


I am in disbelief here. Take about corruption. It is clear that both suspects are innocent. Brennan Dassey most certainly is proof . Where are his rights as a individual with a learning disability. This is frightening to realize that we are not safe not one of us. This could happen to any of us. There is not one piece of concrete evidence in either trials. How a jury of 12 reasonably intelligent people could convict and not understand or process the evidence responsibly is a travesty. The police were caught in deception over and over. There is your reasonable doubt. Shame on you Wisconsin.

Marie more than 1 year ago


I absolutely agree. I live in California and I can hardly believe what I just watched as Avery and Brennan were framed and convicted of crimes SO OBVIOUS to any reasonable person that there is NO evidence they committed. I cannot stop thinking about this injustice :(

C more than 1 year ago


The facts listed here for the disappearance of Teresa halbak are wrong. There was no proof she was raped, knifed, shot to death or anything of the like. I wonder how you and the prosecutors in this case can sleep at night. Shame on you. There is no justice if you have no. money.

Ia more than 1 year ago


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