The restaurants that fed Madison 35 years ago

Sustenance in the '70s



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Your article brought back great memorioes

I enjoyed reading your article about the birth year of Isthmus and the supper clubs of that time. I was a Sales Rep for the Soo Line RR and worked out of Milwaukee in 1976. I had been transfered to Milwaukee from Minneapolis. While I love the dining available in the Milwaukee area, Madison was part of my territory and I was there every month. I've had the pleasure of eating in many of the ones you listed, including the Hoffman House, both east and west. Best porterhouse steak in the area back then, with one exception,and its one steak house you missed. That was Nino's. My favorite was one just off 94, but they also had one off the Beltline. Regardless, it was a great trip down memory lane:) Thanks.

Greg 24 days ago


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