Lock ’em up, take their money

State prisons ramp up deductions from inmates who work or get outside help



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was it "spun"

great article. good to get the information out there. I feel there are a number of missing elements and/or facts. One blatant one is the comment about Mr walker needing to buy his own food because he doesn't eat pork. First off, Oakhill is a pork free institution. secondly DOC has a pork policy. no institution can serve pork more than twice a week. never on consecutive days and also requires a protein dish such as legumes or beans to be on the menu if served. granted, not that big of an issue, and not really related to the main topic. however, when details like that are left out. and the implied message is less than truthful, I question the writers genuine interest in the truth or is it "spinning" the story.

scott bonner 9 days ago

The spin stops here

Okay, so I admit that I did not think to look into whether Oakhill has a "pork-free" policy. It seems strange that it would have such a policy, if the DOC also has hard and fast rules against serving pork more than twice a week. Why have rules about how often you can serve something if you have a policy against serving it at all? But I agree with Mr. Bonner: What he has to say is not that big of an issue, and not really related to the main topic. BTW. Thanks for the "great article" compliment.

Bill Lueders 9 days ago


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