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Dane County Judge Jill Karofsky and law professor Ed Fallone are challenging incumbent Dan Kelly for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Read more

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There are many eerie parallels between the life of Joseph McCarthy and Donald Trump in the upcoming PBS series, “McCarthy.” But Bill Lueders says the documentary missed an opportunity to point them out. Read more

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Ada Deer’s new autobiography, “Making a Difference: My Fight for Native Rights and Social Justice,” documents the remarkable life of the Menominee leader. Read more


On a months-long journey in motorized canoes John Hildebrand, one of Wisconsin’s finest nature writers, seeks to explore Wisconsin and understand its divided people. Read more


“Canteen Cuisine” is an innovative cookbook created by inmates and advocates that provides recipes and stories that highlight the difficulties of eating and cooking in prison. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Is the GOP budget truly reflective of the input received, as Rep. John Nygren has claimed? He and his staff managed to make it prohibitively expensive to confirm. Read more

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Dean Strang, the attorney who became a star after Netflix released “Making a Murderer,” has a new book out with UW Press. He looks at the history of how the government crushed the Industrial Workers of the World. Read more


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Erin Brown

Hundreds of requests for pardons have come in to Gov. Tony Evers’ office. The governor's spokesperson says he will reestablish the state’s Pardon Advisory Board, which Gov. Scott Walker disbanded. Read more


A bill racing through the state Legislature would greatly expand the availability of expungement for people convicted of minor offenses. Read more


Judge Brian Hagedorn should have been a dream opponent for progressives in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. But thanks to some lucky breaks, late spending and an uninspiring opponent, Hagedorn eked out a victory. Read more

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Judge Lisa Neubauer appears to be the frontrunner in the state Supreme Court race, but a last-minute $1 million spending commitment from the Republican State Leadership Committee for challenger Judge Brian Hagedorn could change that. Read more

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Brian Hagedorn and Lisa Neubauer, candidates for the Supreme Court, say they’ll be impartial and unbiased. Should voters believe them? Read more

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Jonathan Kasparek’s new book, "Proxmire: Bulldog of the Senate" looks back at the spunky determination of the longest serving U.S. senator in Wisconsin history. Read more


The Supreme Court contest between appeals court judges Lisa Neubauer and Brian Hagedorn could shape the court for years to come. Read more

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In the early 1990s, famed UW biochemist Hector DeLuca was accused of improperly using other scientists’ research in developing drugs that earned millions for WARF. A new court ruling echoes those earlier charges. Read more



Art by David Michael Miller

For four decades Isthmus has been putting together below-the-belt annual rewards for bad behavior. Not surprisingly, there is never a shortage of material. Read more

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Wisconsin Historical Society / David Sandell

The ‘60s in Madison have been well documented, but a new book by Stuart Levitan digs up new treasures that amuse, enlighten and shock. Read more

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Breanne Cyr

Five rhesus macaques — who spent years being experimented on — have now found sanctuary at Primates Inc., a new retirement facility in Marquette County. Here, they get to do what they want. Read more


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Amy Stocklein photos

Today Tommy Thompson is just a guy on his family farm in Elroy, Wisconsin, the greatest place on earth. He oversees 1,500 acres, 100 head of cattle, and sprawling fields of soybeans, hay and corn. “This is where it started, right here,” he says. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Think you know everything about Tommy Thompson? Guess again. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

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    Bill Lueders

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    Bill Lueders

    Madison police officer Matt Magolan leads a tutorial on how to survive a mass shooting.

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    Bill Lueders

    Chris Jungbluth in his 2,700-square-foot shop just off East Washington Avenue.

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    Bill Lueders

    JoAnne Kloppenburg: “I’m the one with a proven track record as an independent, impartial, fair, thoughtful and principled appellate court decision maker.”

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    Bill Lueders

    David Morrow (left) and Robert “Buzz” Holland next to a chest made from oak paneling that “Bob La Follette leaned against.”

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    Bill Lueders