Democrats need their own Mike McCarthy



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Democrats Need a Plan and some Starch

It's more than an "attitude thing." The Democrats show no fight (look at the weak opposition to Trump appointees in Washington, D.C.) and have no agenda, or its an agenda set by centrists.

How about building the party around planks of action:

1) having a nonpartisan board determine the redistricting of voting districts;
2) campaign for term limits on politicians;
3) campaign on the point that politicians are to receive the same benefits (especially regarding retirement) as the electorate at large;
4) real income tax reform that has a "minimum" tax for businesses and another for individuals. In other words, no business and no individual pays nothing.
5) allow individual specially created tax districts to raise money towards the public good: like education, like healthcare
6) a statewide healthcare system based on single payer that enrolls all citizens;
7) an affirmation that America is an open class system that welcomes immigrants of all kind as long as they are peaceful;
8) more money to be set aside for artistic and creative endeavors (including local bands, orchestras, music lessons, art, dance, history etc.)
9) a reaffirmation of the importance of public education AND a commitment to increase spending to it;
10) harsher laws for white collar crime and wrongdoings committed by elected officials.

Francine Flambeau 24 days ago

Democrats need ...

A brave column. The party of my youth has, indeed, become "a place where people go to celebrate their victimhood." Citizen Dave is wrong about one thing: Republican mapmakers did not “cram Democrats into a relative handful of deep blue ghettos in the cities.” Two Men and a Truck did that.

David Blaska 25 days ago

Same Tired Analysis

Citizen Dave - you write the same piece over and over and over. I think this is at least the 3rd iteration since the Election. The WI Democrats that you decry are retired teachers and grassroots volunteers. We've been trying to hold this s***show together and at least get some Dems on the ticket while people like you give endless critique with no ideas. Our Assembly Reps and State Senators have virtually no power but they get up each day and fight. Your assessment of the Democrats being too focused on Identity Politics was never a hot take, it is the opinion of all far left dudebros who dominate political media at sites like Salon. Like them, you condescend to women and minorities as they make historic calls for their civil rights, marching in the streets together. Like the GOP you dismiss valid concerns about inequality as people relishing victim-hood. You write off Dems focused on improving lives for those in poverty or as you call it - 'ghettos.' Madison is one of the worst places to live in America if you're a black kid. Why don't you stop lecturing Democrats across WI who are actually trying to get something done? Isthmus obviously hasn't tried to seek out new voices to reflect on the changing dynamics of the Left. I guess we'll keep getting the same tired, irrelevant analysis since your perceived expertise is a Feature of this publication. I won't bother reading the next one.

Martha Rule 25 days ago

Re: Same Tired Analysis

That seems a bit harsh to me.

Perhaps this was a bit repetitive relative to other columns, and maybe he shouldn’t have leveled the criticism so broadly and not acknowledged the hard work of many in the party, but in some pockets there does seem to be an over-reliance on blaming Gerrymandering or Voter ID for the left’s losses.

That’s not to say those haven’t contributed, but inspirational candidates, a clearer vision, and reaching out to rural voters really are all better ways to succeed. I don't think he's suggesting demands for equality be sacrificed in that process, they can co-exist, even thrive together if done correctly.

D. 25 days ago


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