Democratic Party of Wisconsin

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

The recently formed Disability Rights Caucus of the Democratic Party wants people with disabilities to be heard in the democratic process. Read more


Drawing more fair election districts is just the first step for Wisconsin Democrats. The party will also need to find a way to win more conservative districts. Read more

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Democrats ousted Gov. Scott Walker and won five statewide offices on Nov. 6. But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos insists Republicans have the mandate to govern. Read more

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Sharon Vanorny, Sean Krajacic

Despite winning the governorship and holding onto a U.S. Senate seat, Democrats mostly fell short in Tuesday’s election, failing to make gains in the state Legislature or with Wisconsin’s eight Congressional districts. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Wisconsin Democrats are expecting — and hoping — a wave will sweep them back into power this November. But they have to earn the votes, which may not come easy. Read more

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Chelsey DeQuaine

With less than a week to go before the primary election, seven of the eight Democratic gubernatorial candidates met for a forum, hoping to convince undecided voters that they’re the best person to beat Gov. Scott Walker in November. Read more


Seven of the eight candidates answer questions from Isthmus, WORT 89.9 FM and The Progressive magazine at the Aug. 8 Democratic gubernatorial debate. Read more

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Although Gov. Scott Walker appears vulnerable in his reelection bid, 38 percent of Democratic voters still have no idea who they want to challenge him. Read more

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Carolyn Fath

As the Aug. 14 primary nears, many progressives remain undecided about who to support among the eight Democrats running for governor. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Two Madison Democratic lawmakers are calling on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn to drop out of the race. Could it be that the fix is in? Read more

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Progressive Democrats are meeting in homes and bingo halls to discuss the governor’s race and to come up with a preferred candidate who reflects their values. The effort, smartly, also yields volunteers. Read more



David Michael Miller

Only one supervisor on the Dane County Board will admit to being a conservative. Officials say Gov. Scott Walker and President Donald Trump are to blame. Read more



David Michael Miller

Anger is energizing; Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate; Democrats should advance their most boring candidate to run against Walker in November. Read more

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Steven Leonard

Patty Schachtner was a good choice and now so is Kriss Marion. The Wisconsin Democratic Senate Committee is on a promising, new path, fielding solid candidates who know their districts well. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Charisma is overrated. What about finding a Democratic candidate for governor who respects law over personal agendas and grudges? Read more

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David Michael Miller

There are 11 candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for governor. The races should be tough, but run with eventual unity in mind. Read more



David Michael Miller

When you have a president with an approval rating below 40 percent, odds are good, even if Republican Paul Ryan wins. Read more



David Michael Miller

All of a sudden there are more than a dozen Democrats set to challenge Gov. Scott Walker or thinking about it. That’s a good thing. A contested primary will strengthen the eventual victor. Read more



David Michael Miller

When the Green Bay Packers were struggling in early 2015, quarterback Aaron Rodgers told his worried fans to chill out. Wisconsin Dems should take note as they sweat over finding a challenger to Gov. Scott Walker. Read more

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Wisconsin Democrats don’t need a Bernie Sanders-like candidate for governor. They need somebody from northern Wisconsin who knows his way around a deer blind and how to run a business. How about Jim Holperin? Read more

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