Democratic Party of Wisconsin


Steven Leonard

Patty Schachtner was a good choice and now so is Kriss Marion. The Wisconsin Democratic Senate Committee is on a promising, new path, fielding solid candidates who know their districts well. more

Feb 22, 2018 5:00 AM OPINION 1 Comments


David Michael Miller

Charisma is overrated. What about finding a Democratic candidate for governor who respects law over personal agendas and grudges? more

Feb 15, 2018 5:00 AM Opinion 1 Comments


David Michael Miller

There are 11 candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for governor. The races should be tough, but run with eventual unity in mind. more

Nov 22, 2017 5:00 AM Opinion


David Michael Miller

When you have a president with an approval rating below 40 percent, odds are good, even if Republican Paul Ryan wins. more

Oct 26, 2017 5:00 AM Opinion


David Michael Miller

All of a sudden there are more than a dozen Democrats set to challenge Gov. Scott Walker or thinking about it. That’s a good thing. A contested primary will strengthen the eventual victor. more

Sep 7, 2017 5:00 AM Opinion


David Michael Miller

When the Green Bay Packers were struggling in early 2015, quarterback Aaron Rodgers told his worried fans to chill out. Wisconsin Dems should take note as they sweat over finding a challenger to Gov. Scott Walker. more

Jun 27, 2017 9:53 AM Citizen Dave 3 Comments

Wisconsin Democrats don’t need a Bernie Sanders-like candidate for governor. They need somebody from northern Wisconsin who knows his way around a deer blind and how to run a business. How about Jim Holperin? more

Jun 6, 2017 12:03 PM Citizen Dave 2 Comments

The governor’s race is just one of the important midterm elections coming up in 2018. Democrats have a shot at picking up some seats, but they need to get on it! more

May 4, 2017 5:00 AM Opinion 1 Comments


David Michael Miller

Gov. Scott Walker’s new budget is an obvious re-election ploy: new funding for public schools and an eventual tuition cut for UW System. This means Democrats can now focus on other issues in 2018. more

Feb 16, 2017 5:00 AM Opinion


David Michael Miller

Republicans control the state Assembly, state Senate, governor’s office and state Supreme Court, though it’s technically a nonpartisan body. How did it get this bad? Dave Cieslewicz goes looking for answers. more

Feb 9, 2017 5:00 AM Isthmus Cover Stories 7 Comments

Sure, the Republicans redrew Wisconsin’s electoral districts in a way that ensures GOP dominance. But Democrats need to stop whining about it and figure out ways to win. more

Jan 31, 2017 9:06 AM Citizen Dave 4 Comments

Russ Feingold and Hillary Clinton won, right? Undeterred by his misfires for 2016, Dave Cieslewicz confidently forecasts the big news of 2017. more

Dec 22, 2016 5:00 AM Opinion


David Michael Miller

In Wisconsin turnout was down in key Democratic areas targeted by Republicans, who passed new state voting restrictions. Voter suppression could have turned the state red for Donald Trump. more

Nov 17, 2016 12:00 AM Opinion 11 Comments

Nationally, the political landscape may have completely shifted with the election of Donald Trump. But Madison remains 77 square miles surrounded by reality. more

Nov 10, 2016 12:00 AM News


William Moree

Republicans hold a commanding majority in the state Assembly. While there’s no hope the body will flip on Nov. 8, Democrats are working to close the gap. more

Nov 3, 2016 5:00 AM News


David Michael Miller

The polls all show that Donald Trump is heading to defeat. But Democrats cannot get complacent if they want to gain back control of Congress or the state Legislature. more

Oct 20, 2016 5:00 AM Opinion

Wisconsin progressives see little hope of winning back the state Legislature before 2022, the next round of redistricting. But there is cause for some optimism. more

Aug 11, 2016 5:00 AM Opinion 2 Comments


David Michael Miller

The last time a convention might have changed the outcome of an election was in 1968. But since then have conventions mattered? Not so much. more

Jul 29, 2016 5:06 PM Citizen Dave 1 Comments


David Michael Miller

The Republican takeover of Wisconsin government has been devastating to progressive values. But while the GOP is in a national meltdown, the state party is still strong. Meanwhile, the Dems still don’t have a state ground game. more

Jul 14, 2016 5:00 AM Opinion 5 Comments

If they keep working at their current pace, state Dems could take over the Legislature...someday. more

Jun 16, 2016 5:00 AM , Cartoons