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Definite Discrimination with CCAP holding onto dismissed

I think we all know this underhanded discrimination occurs, even for cases that were dismissed for good reason. once your names is in the system, the stigma follows in many ways. I have been personally discriminated against for over 5 years now based on a case that was quickly dismissed. Now i live like I am guilty. I am treated as if guilty by anyone that finds the information. I have a few absolute cases where others have mentioned finding the information and not wanting to see me again, and many Dozens of cases where once I give someone my last name, done, ghosted, no word at all usually. I have tested it many times, if i don't give my last name, relationships will last and start up, until the name is out there, then everything changes. If i put my name out there first, the relationship building is instantly stopped short. I have done this for the past few years, testing this theory. Once in a long while I find someone that sticks, it ends up being someone from out of state or who doesn't use computer much and isn't aware of CCAP/WCCA. This is for personal social life, Thankfully I have had my same job and house, and haven't been subject to this discrimination in that realm. I know it exists. I have known two people at high level in larger company and one in human resources, All say CCAP is first cut off. I also know some that are landlords, again CCAP is first cut off. Impossible to prove, but the truth.

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