No more business as usual

"This Changes Everything" documents the work of climate change activists



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Think how this is important to you!

I have heard wonderful things about this movie from friends, and the Isthmus review was excellent, thank you!
So many reasons to go, depending on how and why you care so much about climate change....some friends are determined to do everything possible to prevent so many animals going extinct, as many such as polar bears, or the red knot bird, are threatened. Other friends are thinking of the water wars we will face, or wildfires; others think of their grandchildren; there is probably not a person alive who will not be affected in some way. We all have a part to play, from little things to huge. This film will inspire many to do more. this film will give us all more courage. NEVER GIVE UP!

Mary Beth Elliott 304 days ago

An Opportunity, A Moral Imperative

Yesterday’s news was that, at 2 degrees warmer than the 20th century average, the earth set a heat record for an unprecedented 12th straight month. Today’s news was equally glum: the amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the air in April jumped by the largest amount on record. The southern hemisphere is especially feeling the heat, but India with a record-breaking 123F today, is probably feeling it the most.

This Changes Everything has been released none too soon. It’s not just global issue either. In our own back yard the Canadian oil company Enbridge Energy is planning to expand its network of pipelines in Dane Co. and throughout Wisconsin and the volume of oil it runs through our state each day. That puts us and the earth at risk. Resisting that development could be perceived as a challenge or an opportunity depending on one’s view. I’d like to see it as an opportunity and a moral imperative to stem the problem and bequeath to our children and grandchildren a healthier planet.

Marilee Sushoreba 305 days ago

The sacrifice zone is here

While stopping the Penokee mine was indeed a huge win for Wisconsin's environment and the people who live in this state, Wisconsin is still under attack on many other fronts. Recent legislative gifts to big industry have made it easier for CAFOs, pipelines, and other environmentally-detrimental infrastructure to weasel their way into the lives of Wisconsin citizens. Wisconsin and its population, especially its rural population, has become one of these sacrifice zones that Naomi talks about. This affront to the wonderful environmental history of our great state has the likes of Aldo Leopold, Gaylord Nelson, and John Muir rolling over in their graves.

The looming expansion of the Enbridge pipeline is a poignant example. A multi-billion-dollar Canadian corporation with a history of environmental disasters (google Kalamazoo River oil spill) taking land from rural Americans to pipe a dangerous concoction of diluent and tar sands, which are more carbon-intensive than conventional crude and nearly impossible to clean up, through front yards and barnyards, all so they can refine it and sell it overseas? Sounds like an all risk, no reward situation to me!

This is an urgent situation, and I encourage everyone to go see this movie and get involved, however they can, in stopping Enbridge from turning Wisconsin into their own corporate tar sands superhighway.

Ben Peterson 308 days ago