David Michael Miller

Public Service Commission chair Rebecca Valcq and commissioner Mike Huebsch rejected a motion that they recuse themselves from a decision on the Cardinal-Hickory Creek Line. Read more

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Amy Stocklein

To help reduce plastic pollution, Troy Kids’ Garden created a machine that can recycle plastic. Read more


The opponents of stationing F-35s at Truax have the stronger arguments. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Thousands of people in Madison joined the world-wide strike demanding action on climate change. The strike was led by youth, “the last generation that can really do something about this.” Read more



Carolyn Fath Ashby

It might seem like a miracle today, but 30 years ago Democrats and Republicans came together to protect the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. Will politics ever again work so well? Read more

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The threat of a solar storm is out there, but we don’t talk much about it. Solar physicists though say the potential for harm is enormous. Read more

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Arlene Koziol

The monarch butterfly population has plunged to alarming levels in recent years. But this year, the iconic butterflies are seemingly everywhere. Read more



Youth Climate Action Team

Local youth are leading the charge against climate change, organizing a Sept. 20 statewide climate strike. Read more

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David Michael Miller

An environmental study found that F-35s would make life unpleasant — perhaps unlivable — for some people living near Truax Field. For residents, the silence from local officials is deafening. Read more

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The state Public Service Commission delivered a “sock in the gut” to residents and conservationists opposed to building the ATC line through the Driftless Area. But the fight isn’t over yet. Read more

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An AmeriCorps NCCC team is stationed in the Madison area for eight weeks, removing invasive species, restoring trails, and planting pollinator gardens. Read more


The Drumlin Farm was evicted 10 years ago, but the land its residents farmed remained largely undisturbed until last month when the Alexander Company cleared it to make way for Artisan Village. Read more

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Iain McLennan Duffus

Wisconsin’s Driftless Region offers some of the best trout fishing in the country, thanks to decades of conservation practices promoted here. It’s boosted the rural economy in places like Viroqua. But global warming remains a threat. Read more

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What’s in a future of living with no fossil fuels? It could well look a lot like the past, and the upcoming Sustainability Skill Share weekend will show participants how great-gramma did things. Read more



Shaysa Sidebottom

Bob Lindmeier, meteorologist at WKOW-TV, educates his viewers about the relationship between local weather and the changing global climate. He’s busy talking to local community groups about the situation as well. Read more

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350 Madison

Dane County wants to require Enbridge to carry $25 million in insurance in case its pipeline through Dane County leaks. In 2015, the state Legislature passed a law prohibiting such a requirement. The state Supreme Court will now hear the case. Read more

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Haidee Chu

Madison high school students shared stories about how they fear the world is changing in protest for action on climate change at the Capitol. Read more



Haidee Chu

A coalition of Madison-area high school students is tired of waiting for adults to take needed action against climate change. These students plan to march next week to draw attention to the problem. Read more

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The world has 12 years to prevent catastrophic climate change. So why are Wisconsin’s utilities still burning coal? Read more

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Bev Mazur

It’s time for the 14th annual Madison Reads Leopold event at the UW Arboretum. Read more

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