With an expert time-lapse cinematographer and a movie star narrator, “Fantastic Fungi” takes the audience on a ride through the mycosphere, exploring the various ways in which mushrooms might save the world. Read more



David Michael Miller

Water utility spokesperson Amy Barrilleaux took a page from President Trump’s playbook in responding to an Isthmus cover story on PFAS contamination. Read more

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While the planet heats up, glass artist Richard Jones decides to cool down Studio Paran to focus on less carbon-intensive work. Read more

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David Michael Miller

The public information officer for Madison Water Utility seeks to set the record straight on her agency’s response to the threat of PFAS. Read more

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The science is crystal clear: PFAS are a threat to human health. But are city officials listening as they deal with contamination in Madison’s water supply? Read more

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Climate change is creating new problems for Dane County dairy farmers, shitty problems. Read more

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David Michael MIller

Just as there have been efforts to protect the night sky from artificial lighting, it is time to also focus on preserving quiet. Read more

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In an uncertain world it’s nice to know exactly where you’ll be just before sunrise on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Madison Police to climate activists: Thanks for trying to save the world — now pay us $4,631.66. Read more

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“The Pollinators” is a new film that documents the work of commercial beekeepers, showing the devastating impact of modern agricultural practices on our insect collaborators. Read more



David Michael Miller

Isthmus reporter Dylan Brogan traveled to Burlington, VT to see how people are faring since the arrival of F-35 fighter jets at their Air National Guard base. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Public Service Commission chair Rebecca Valcq and commissioner Mike Huebsch rejected a motion that they recuse themselves from a decision on the Cardinal-Hickory Creek Line. Read more

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Amy Stocklein

To help reduce plastic pollution, Troy Kids’ Garden created a machine that can recycle plastic. Read more


The opponents of stationing F-35s at Truax have the stronger arguments. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Thousands of people in Madison joined the world-wide strike demanding action on climate change. The strike was led by youth, “the last generation that can really do something about this.” Read more



Carolyn Fath Ashby

It might seem like a miracle today, but 30 years ago Democrats and Republicans came together to protect the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. Will politics ever again work so well? Read more

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Arlene Koziol

The monarch butterfly population has plunged to alarming levels in recent years. But this year, the iconic butterflies are seemingly everywhere. Read more


The threat of a solar storm is out there, but we don’t talk much about it. Solar physicists though say the potential for harm is enormous. Read more

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Youth Climate Action Team

Local youth are leading the charge against climate change, organizing a Sept. 20 statewide climate strike. Read more

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David Michael Miller

An environmental study found that F-35s would make life unpleasant — perhaps unlivable — for some people living near Truax Field. For residents, the silence from local officials is deafening. Read more

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