Esty Dinur

“Women at War: Warrior Songs Vol. 2” is an important and heartfelt album sharing the stories of female military veterans. The album release party is at High Noon Saloon on Nov. 10. Read more

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Jay Watson

Bees and butterflies are facing an uphill battle in their search for nectar. The good news is there’s still time to help pollinators in the garden. Read more

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Tsela Barr

On “Nakba Day,” Madison protesters demonstrate against moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and ongoing bloodshed in Gaza. Read more

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A team of UW-Madison students is aiming high in the Elon Musk competition to develop hyperloop technology, which could revolutionize the way people travel. Read more


Madison musician Jason Moon has released “If You Have to Ask...Warrior Songs Vol. 1,” an album based on songs and stories from 42 veterans. It’s a powerful testament to war’s toll on the mental health of people serving in the Armed Forces. Read more


A new documentary about the Wisconsin Uprising is not about nostalgia for the occupation of the State Capitol. It’s an honest, insightful look at the forces that moved the protesters toward capitulation. Read more



Crystal Colon

Peacefully Organic is a veteran-run and veteran-focused farm and CSA. Working with the land and providing food is both therapeutic and a new way to serve. Read more



Jeffrey R. Ballard

In a shopping mall off of Verona Road, at the Kehl School of Dance, young people perform ballet in their wheelchairs. Read more



Meg Rothstein

Seed bombs bring beauty to vacant spaces. Here’s how to join in this guerrilla gardening initiative. Read more



Lauren Justice

The 2011 Wisconsin uprising sparked a friendship between U.S. veterans Lars Prip and David Soumis. Ever since, they’ve maintained a steady, quiet presence at the state Capitol. Read more


“This Changes Everything” is a new film from Naomi Klein documenting the work of climate change activists from around the world. It screens at the Barrymore Theatre on May 25. Read more

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Paulius Musteikis

A concert piano is an incredibly complicated instrument made up of 12,000 different pieces. Refurbishing and tuning one is no simple matter. Inside the Wisconsin Union Theater, Bob Hohf is doing things the old-fashioned way: by ear. Read more


Humane options for slaughter of local meat and poultry grow. In the wake of the closing of Black Earth Meats, there are other processing plants who want to do the right thing. Read more



Chris Collins

​Every Sunday, a motley group of folks gather at the Goodman Center to drum, dance and sing. But there’s no sheet music to these songs. Read more



Karl Lang

The Saturday before the Aug. 14 primary elections, Melissa Agard Sargent drove to Milwaukee to help support progressive Democratic candidates running for Assembly. On Sunday, with her youngest son in tow, she talked to constituents at the north-side Ride the Drive. Then she went knocking on doors. Read more



Timothy Hughes

Gene Ferrara doesn't look like your average reverend. He plays congas, often wears Hawaiian shirts and frequently sits in the crowd as others lead a workshop or parts of the Sunday service at the Center for Conscious Living. During his Sunday sermon, he's as likely to talk about the spiritual lessons he drew from watching a football game as he is to discuss current affairs or the esoteric teachings of Jesus, Buddha or Nelson Mandela. Read more


Brenda Konkel is a busy woman. Responding to a request for an interview, she writes on a Friday that she has a meeting at 6:30 that night plus four meetings on Saturday and two on Sunday. And so she adds a meeting with a reporter on Saturday evening at the offices of community television station WYOU, where she is a volunteer producer and the chair of the board. Our meeting is suspended for a while when a Spanish-language live show is about to go on the air and its members need help. Read more


Robert Morlino claims to represent the true church of Jesus Christ. Some local Catholics aren't buying it. Read more

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Peter Patau

It's drizzling on Gallery Night, but a crowd has gathered this May evening outside the Social Justice Center at 1202 Williamson St. U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin speaks, then Ald. Marsha Rummel and the Madison Arts Commission's Karin Wolf. As the rain continues, the crowd listens to Michael Bonesteel, of the Art Institute of Chicago, and to Dan Yopack from Santa Fe, who later identifies himself as a poet and shaman. Read more

A & E

Clarence Kailin died Sunday, October 25, at the age of 95. The Madisonian was a lifelong socialist, union supporter and activist for peace and social justice. He was also one of the last surviving veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, a group of volunteers from the United States who fought with the International Brigades against fascist forces in the Spanish Civil War in the late '30s. Read more

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