2018 Dane County Flooding

Hizzoner argues his approach to Madison’s flood threat covers the “complexity” of the causes and solutions to flooding; a Catholic remains faithful through “poor leadership” of Bishop Morlino, who recently died. Read more


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Carolyn Fath

Just about everyone seems to agree that Lake Mendota needs to be lowered in order to prevent Madison’s flooding risk. Everyone, that is, except lake experts who say it won’t solve our problems. Fortunately, there are other solutions. Read more

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Capital Brewery pitches in to aid flooded Pheasant Branch Conservancy, an important resource for the community and brewery patrons. Read more



Tracy Bailey

The homes of dozens of residents of Shorewood Hills were damaged by flash flooding on Aug. 20 — one block is now a “ghost town.” The village on Lake Mendota has quietly come together to help displaced neighbors and flood victims. Read more


Much has been written about the dangerously high water level of Lake Mendota. Now Dane County officials have to listen and do something about it. Read more

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After a week of rising water, sandbagging and worries of more flash flooding, Madison still isn’t out of the woods yet. Dylan Brogan relays the human toll of the disaster and, with the help of local experts, explains how we got to this point. Read more

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Rich Joseph

Rich Joseph of the Hop Garden makes his beer with hops he grows himself. But his fields were right in the line of the flooding Sugar River. Read more



Dylan Brogan

With more rain forecast and the lakes at capacity, Madison residents spent Friday preparing for flooding and fortifying their homes. Read more