2018 Gubernatorial Election


Matthew Norman

The major implication of Tony Evers’ victory over Scott Walker is that the new Democratic governor will force a fair redistricting after the 2020 Census. more

Citizen Dave


Matthew Norman

Democrat Tony Evers pulled off the impossible Tuesday night, toppling Gov. Scott Walker and breaking Republicans’ eight-year run of dominance over Wisconsin state government. People got pretty excited. more

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We must help rebuild the long-standing alliances of academics, organized labor, and farmers that made our state a national leader in creating innovative policies like workers’ compensation and social security. more



David Michael Miller

Toughened up by a long primary campaign, Tony Evers has rattled off one progressive policy position after another. Gov. Scott Walker, on the other hand, has a history of policy surprises. more



Eliot Wyatt

Education is a key issue in the Wisconsin governor’s race. Gov. Scott Walker says Supt. Tony Evers will put “union bosses” back in charge and raise taxes. Evers says schools have suffered under Walker and voters are ready for change. more

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Jenny Peek

NextGen America is trying to get 250,000 young people in 11 states to turn out to vote on Nov. 6. If the effort is successful, it could swing the election. more



David Michael Miller

Gerrymandered maps passed by Republicans ensure GOP domination of the state Legislature. An Evers win could change that in the near future. more

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Dylan Brogan

Tony Evers, who cruised to victory in a crowded eight-person Democratic primary for governor, believes he’s nice enough to beat Scott Walker in November. more


With so much attention being paid to the Democratic race for governor, it’s easy to overlook the competitive primary for lieutenant governor. more


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Chelsey DeQuaine

With less than a week to go before the primary election, seven of the eight Democratic gubernatorial candidates met for a forum, hoping to convince undecided voters that they’re the best person to beat Gov. Scott Walker in November. more



David Michael Miller

Even before the Racine plant is built, Foxconn has announced it will build outposts around the state. The timing, months before Scott Walker is up for reelection, is likely not coincidental. more

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Seven of the eight candidates answer questions from Isthmus, WORT 89.9 FM and The Progressive magazine at the Aug. 8 Democratic gubernatorial debate. more

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David Michael Miller

Two Madison Democratic lawmakers are calling on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn to drop out of the race. Could it be that the fix is in? more

Citizen Dave 4 Comments

“Undecided” continues to lead in the Democratic primary race for governor. And Evers isn’t sealing the deal. more

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Kelda Roy's campaign for governor has been killing it lately. Can the youngest candidate in the 10-way Democratic primary race hold onto the momentum? more

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Progressive Democrats are meeting in homes and bingo halls to discuss the governor’s race and to come up with a preferred candidate who reflects their values. The effort, smartly, also yields volunteers. more



David Michael Miller

Citizen Dave has some tips for Paul Soglin’s supper-club campaign, considering Soglin doesn’t really strike you as a supper club kind of guy. more

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David Michael Miller

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says after 50 years in politics, his next act will be to take down Gov. Scott Walker. Is his quiet campaign crazy enough to work? more

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David Michael Miller

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has already lost twice to Scott Walker… but now he’s making noise about getting into the crowded field of gubernatorial challengers. more

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