“Whoever invented the knock joke should get a no bell prize.” Paraprosdokians, puns and other turns of phrase no longer showcased at Willy Street gas station. Read more


Josh Heath sits down with Frandu, the comedian/poet/performance artist who has carved out a niche for himself on the Madison scene. Frandu is battling cancer, and not sure how long he has left. Read more



Nick Larson

Doug Benson, America’s highest comedian and podcaster, visits Comedy on State to record an episode of “Doug Loves Movies.” Read more


Josh Heath chats at length with the creators of “The Flop House” podcast. Catch them in a rare live appearance at Wisconsin Union Theater on Jan. 26. Read more



Charlie Powell

International silly man and Monty Python co-founder John Cleese stops by Overture Hall with his “Why There Is No Hope” tour. You can ask him questions, just like Michael Muckian did. Read more


Maria Bamford, whose no-holds-barred comedy tackles sexism, consumerism and mental illness, talks about her pugs, her loving parents and bringing it all to the table in her stand-up act. Read more


When it comes to the arts, Madison keeps upping the ante. Our arts writers help you narrow it down with their picks for the most promising events in theater, comedy, dance, visual art and classical music. Read more

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Marcus Price

Hannibal Buress, whose star is rising in Hollywood, takes a step back to focus on his first love: stand-up. Isthmus talks to Buress about making TV specials and being himself on stage. Read more



Anneliese Nappa

This interview with Australian absurdist comedians Aunty Donny goes way off the rails. Why didn’t we see that one coming? Read more


The Onion left Madison almost two decades ago. But a retrospective of the company shows it owes a lot to its Madison years. Read more

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Cara Howe / Netflix

Her brilliant savagery at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner put Michelle Wolf into the spotlight. Her new Netflix show is going to keep her there. Read more

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Local and national comedians get to strut their stuff at the inaugural Madison Comedy Week, May 27-June 3 at 22 different Madison venues. Read more


Hari Kondabolu brings a personal approach to hot-button issues like race and colonialism. He’s at the Comedy Club on State April 19-21. Read more


Charlie Berens’ podcast “Da Manitowoc Minute” is attracting loads of fans from around the world. Isthmus talks to Berens in advance of his appearance at Wisconsin Union Theater on Jan. 26. Read more



Joan Marcus

Isthmus arts and culture editor Catherine Capellaro looks back at a year where she found hope and faith in humanity through art. Read more

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Mindy Tucker

One got her start as a web series star on YouTube. The other launched her career from blogging and podcasts. Now these two dope queens are touring the country together, celebrating female friendship and making people laugh. Read more


Local comedian Dina Nina Martinez is building on the success of last year’s Lady Laughs Comedy Festival, bringing the event back Nov. 2-5 with more than triple the acts. Read more



Robyn Von Swank

Married standup comedians Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher are helping bring LGBTQ narratives into the mainstream. And their comedy is inseparable from their activism. Read more


Andy Moore talks to award-winning writer, director and comedian Mike Birbiglia about his brand new comedy tour, “The New One.” Birbiglia will be at the Overture Center on Sept. 22. Read more


It may have taken him years to find an audience, but comedian Marc Maron says he's never been funnier. The host of the hit WTF podcast is coming to Madison on April 28 for a show at the Orpheum. Read more