Aaron Bohrod


Carolyn Fath

The good news is that Aaron Bohrod's mural will be restored as a centerpiece of the remodeled Central Library. The bad news is UW-Madison is poised to demolish Bohrod's historic studio, one of the oldest buildings on campus. Read more

A & E

"My fingers are getting hard to operate," says master painter Aaron Bohrod, 82, in contributing editor George Vukelich's lengthy feature article. "It's arthritis. You have to pay penalties for being around so darn long." Read more

20 Years Ago


Todd Hubler

Murals by two internationally famous artists-in-residence at the University of Wisconsin have recently been threatened. One, by John Steuart Curry, is being preserved by heroic measures. The fate of the other, by Aaron Bohrod, is unknown. Read more

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