Achievement Gap


Source: Wis. Dept. of Public Instruction

The Madison Metropolitan School District has been touting an increase in high school graduation rates for minority students. But are these students graduating with basic academic skills? Read more

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Paulius Musteikis

Teachers in the Madison Metropolitan School District are about 88% white compared to 44% of students. A new teacher training program aims to reduce that disparity by targeting minority students who will one day teach in Madison schools. Read more



Mary Langenfeld

Isthmus Montessori Academy submitted a proposal to open Madison's first public Montessori school in September 2015. As Madison's fourth charter school, it would be tuition-free and open to anyone. Read more



Eric Tadsen

"Simpson Street Free Press" has been teaching kids to write for more than 20 years. Now, amid concerns over the Madison's widening achievement gap, Simpson Street executive director Jim Kramer has become an evangelist for the program. Read more

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The contentious battle for Madison Prep provided a public forum for Gloria Ladson-Billings to discuss disparities in the Madison schools, surprising some who didn't know there was a local expert on the topic with deep roots in the community. Read more

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Narayan Mahon

Jennifer Cheatham doesn't have the countenance of someone who has stepped into a maelstrom. Madison schools superintendent since April, Cheatham, 41, has already visited every school in the district and rolled out a "Strategic Framework" to tackle so Read more

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Madison's newly elected school board members have their work cut out for them in what promises to be a year of change for the district. Not only is the board set to work with new superintendent Jennifer Cheatham, who started on April 1, it is also ta Read more


The MMSD School Board race typifies the status of race relations and the tremendous racial divide... White elite liberals dictating to, condescending to and manipulating Madison's communities of color... (from a Madison Times editorial) Read more

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Judith Davidoff

The achievement gap seemed to be the singular issue of the Madison school board races and some say it will be the greatest test for the board when newly elected Mary Burke takes her seat and Arlene Silveira returns after winning a third term. Read more


When schools superintendent Dan Nerad announced Monday that he plans to resign in 2013 when his contract runs out, one question rose to the top of the heap: What will this mean for his recently announced proposal to address the achievement gap? Read more