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Paulius Musteikis

Where Isthmus reviewers — and Madison — have been eating and drinking since the last “Dining” special section. Here’s our summary of the scene. more

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laura zastrow

A strong selection of sandwiches and five house-brewed beers distinguish Lucky’s 1313 Brew Pub among Regent Street taverns. Kipp Thomas is in charge of the kitchen, and Grant Johnston brews the beer. more

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Sharon Vanorny

Breakwater Monona ups the waterside meat and brunch game. more

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Ryan Wisniewski

Dining out with kids can be tricky. They tend to be loud and clumsy. But there are some good options for parents out there. more

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Ryan Michael Wisniewski

Geeks Mania is a refuge for nostalgia seekers and next-gen gamers. The Odana Road arcade and comics/collectibles shop features pinball, vintage video games and gamer meeting space. more

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Eric Tadsen

Off Broadway Drafthouse does well with tap list, apps and brunch. But there may be sticker shock when the check arrives. more

Aug 11, 2016 5:00 AM Reviews

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Laura Zastrow

Tandoori House scores with an excellent buffet and Pakistani kebabs. The new restaurant raises the bar on Indian food over its predecessor, Maharajah. more

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Laura Zastrow

We traverse Madison in search of its best and most unusual sweet treats. Spoiler alert: it’s an impressive multicultural mix. And there’s a giant five-pound gummy bear. more

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The Badger Tavern takes up where Tony Frank’s left off. Wisconsin bar food done right and friendly service continue a neighborhood favorite. more

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Scott R. Maurer

Beers brewed with pre-industrial methods are more than experiments. Brewers both in state and out showed off their best. more

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Paulius Musteikis

Madison’s bakeries make lovely loaves, but also much more. Throughout, there’s an emphasis on natural sweeteners, organic grains, and options for vegans and the gluten-free. more

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Paulius Musteikis

Isthmus reviewers make the rounds of the latest restaurants. more

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Ryan Wisniewski

Indian food is wildly popular worldwide, but Madison has been slow to the party. That appears to be changing. Amber Indian Cuisine is the latest South Asian restaurant to open in the Madison area. more

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Joe Rocco

With 10 days of events, Chef Week may require some planning. Our Adam Powell shares his top picks. more

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Paulius Musteikis

Nani Restaurant is the west side’s new dim sum headquarters. Start with hot tea, then order a bunch of dishes and share. more

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Leslie Magid Higgins

​Since developing Xbox, Robbie Bach is preaching the gospel of becoming “civic engineers” in our communities. more

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Cody Bond

Different kinds of yeast produce different kinds of beer. Now a team at UW-Madison has unlocked the secret of creating yeast hybrids, in the hopes of creating new types of beer, wine, cheese and biofuels. more

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Paulius Musteikis

Barolo is the wine bar Madison deserves, at last. And the focused small plates menu isn’t bad, either. more

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Paulius Musteikis

Takara 88 offers a well-designed space and innovative, whimsical sushi, sashimi, and nigiri. more

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Paulius Musteikis

The new Avenue Club packs ’em in for brunch, burgers and fish. more

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