Climate change is creating new problems for Dane County dairy farmers, shitty problems. Read more

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The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection was charged with testing hemp fields to ensure the crop didn’t contain too much THC. The agency had 18 inspectors to collect and test thousands of samples within a matter of weeks. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

It might seem like a miracle today, but 30 years ago Democrats and Republicans came together to protect the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. Will politics ever again work so well? Read more

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With The Milkweed, Pete Hardin has been a hard-edged voice challenging exploitative food processors, bullying seed companies and self-serving agricultural groups that he feels habitually abuse the farmers who enrich them. Read more

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There is a deep history of African American farms and cooperative living strategies. UW-Madison professor of environmental justice Monica M. White writes of its impact on farming movements of today in her new book, "Freedom Farmers." Read more

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Over the last couple of decades Midwestern dairy farmers and the Mexican workers who endure danger and hardship to come north and milk their cows have developed a deep, interdependent relationship. Read more

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Kattia Jimenez

Wisconsin was once a leader in hemp production. Now that growing hemp is legal again, many farmers are trying to relearn what their grandparents knew well. The learning curve is steep. Read more

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Sharon Vanorny

Democrats agree that their quest to flip the state Senate hinges on whether Kriss Marion, an organic farmer, can topple the Republican incumbent in Senate District 17, a seat once held by Republican maverick Dale Schultz. Read more

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A system that allows food stamp recipients to use their benefits at local farmers’ markets has been upended. Read more


"Los Lecheros,” a short documentary making the round of film festivals, explores the intertwined fates of Wisconsin’s farmers and undocumented dairy workers. Read more



Ben Jones

A farmer north of Madison has preserved her land for farming — and made some of it available to Hmong farmers. Read more


Sustainable farmers and seed savers are highlighted in the Food and Farms Film Festival. Read more

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Eric Lewandowski

L’Etoile founder and celebrity chef Odessa Piper talks about the future of farm-to-table and why she keeps coming back to Madison. Read more



Linda Falkenstein

Photographing dairy cows is no do-it-yourself, amateur art. Cybil Fisher has made a career of it. She has a few tools at her disposal, including a team of cow wranglers, spray paint, an orange monkey on a stick and a bucket of feed. Read more



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Tours from the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation will highlight an overlooked Mad City gem, the ag campus. It’s the home of distinctive architecture as well as the site of important discoveries from butterfat to vitamins. Read more



Linda Falkenstein

Keynote speakers at the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference focus on nutrition and food justice. While farm-to-school programs now exist in all 50 states, there’s much yet to learn about spreading programs. Read more



Lauren Justice

​Equinox Community Farm uses a “water wheel transplanter” to make planting season go a little smoother. But as Steven Potter learns, it’s still hard work. Read more


​How has the community model worked out for small farms? Even with the economic boost of money paid upfront, farmers face many challenges and need to keep innovating. Read more

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Humane options for slaughter of local meat and poultry grow. In the wake of the closing of Black Earth Meats, there are other processing plants who want to do the right thing. Read more


Large factory farms have been criticized as being heavy polluters and cruel to animals. Wisconsin’s DNR is trying to attract more of them. Read more