Alexandra Newman


Lauren Justice

A new mural in the Darbo-Worthington neighborhood is the result of a community process to strengthen neighborhood ties. Read more

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The arresting floor-to-ceiling murals spanning the upstairs gallery walls of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art are the works of artists Eric Chan and Heather Schatz, who create art under the collective name ChanSchatz. Read more

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Urban decay or suburban monotony? Dystopia is in the eye of the beholder. Artists offer their own vision of our current state of affairs in "Dystopia Now," an exhibit by Wisconsin artists at Madison College's downtown campus. Read more

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Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection

"Woven Gardens of Hope: Afghan Women's Carpets" highlights the rich textile tradition of Afghanistan and the surrounding region. The exhibition offers a stark contrast to the common contemporary views of a country stricken by violence and turmoil. Read more

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