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One of the organizations affected by Gov. Scott Walker’s Act 10 was the nurses’ union at UW Health. Since then, nurses say that they’re now overworked and patient care is suffering. So they’re forming a new union. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

Negotiations with newly unionized workforce at the Willy Street Co-op is turning contentious. The union is ramping up pressure against the co-op’s management, and does not rule out the possibility of a strike. Read more

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Less than a year after rebranding, Prism Dance Club owner announces the Willy Street venue is closing its doors. Read more




The right to access public documents is baked into Wisconsin law, but officials don’t always honor it. The Wisconsin Transparency Project aims to hold governments accountable and pry public records into the open. Read more



Matt Ammerman/Madison College

Residents of Madison’s historically underserved south side have big hopes for Madison College’s new Goodman South campus. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

The Willy Street Co-op becomes one of the largest workforces to unionize in the country this year. It was the second attempt to unionize in five years. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

It was attempted before but this time it stuck. Willy Street Co-op workers vote to unionize. Read more

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    Alice Herman

    Claudia Castillo: “My focus has been teaching Spanish to little kids. I want to create a base for a second language early in life.”