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David Michael Miller

Public Service Commission chair Rebecca Valcq and commissioner Mike Huebsch rejected a motion that they recuse themselves from a decision on the Cardinal-Hickory Creek Line. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Rebecca Cameron Valcq spent her career as a lawyer for WE Energies, the state’s largest utility. But ATC line opponents still thought she might vote with them. Read more

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The state Public Service Commission delivered a “sock in the gut” to residents and conservationists opposed to building the ATC line through the Driftless Area. But the fight isn’t over yet. Read more

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David Michael Miller

For decades, utility companies have mostly gotten what they want from the state’s Public Service Commission. But opponents to a massive powerline proposed through the scenic Driftless Area are feeling something unusual — hope. Read more

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Two companies hoping to get a controversial powerline approved through the Driftless Area are now funding the staff to review the project with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Read more


Between 2005 and 2016, $5.14 billion worth of electric transmission line projects were built or approved in Wisconsin. Opponents say the lines are not needed, are too expensive, and there’s a better way. Read more

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The ATC power line would erect 500 steel towers 10 to 15 stories high that would slice through the Driftless Area west of Madison. A coalition of environmental groups is calling on scientists from several fields to scrutinize the project’s impacts. Read more

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​A strong neighborhood effort is underway to bury power lines in an effort to save trees doomed by the upcoming street reconstruction of Jenifer Street. Read more


Residents of an east-side neighborhood are mourning the loss of about a dozen locust trees removed by American Transmission Co. this week. Read more

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American Transmission Company is among many grappling with a sea change in the utility industry. One of the company’s executives will speak on a panel about the changes during the 2015 Energy Summit, hosted by the Wisconsin Energy Institute. Read more



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Next year, the American Transmission Company will start building a power line along the Beltline. It'll be god-awful ugly, but ATC could make it somewhat better by making the massive poles for the lines into works of art. Read more

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American Transmission Company is gearing up for a 150-mile high-voltage power line between La Crosse and Madison. But it's expected to be a long process. Read more


Count the city of Madison's Odana Hills golf course among the potential casualties of the American Transmission Company's proposal to build a 345-kilovolt power line along the Beltline. The city says the plan would force it to move seven holes. Read more


The UW-Madison has decided not to file as an intervenor in American Transmission Company's request to build a 345-kilovolt power line across Dane County. Read more


Burying transmission lines - even at voltages as high as 500 kilovolts - is an industry trend worldwide. Yet American Transmission Company adamantly opposes burying any part of the 345-kilovolt line it wants to build in Dane County. Read more



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In the past, the company has held its public meetings at private hotels, where police would often turn away opponents at the door, telling them they were trespassing. But the Alliant Energy Center is owned by Dane County. Read more


Although the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission requires utilities to report the annual salaries of top executives, ATC has never done so. The company always leaves blank this section of its annual report. Read more

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Despite making lots of enemies, American Transmission Company controls the agenda for infrastructure projects in Wisconsin. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

ATC initially called for three public hearings on the 345-kilovolt transmission line it wants to build in Dane County, either along the Beltline or a more rural route that passes through the city of Verona. Read more

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