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David Michael Miller

The public information officer for Madison Water Utility seeks to set the record straight on her agency’s response to the threat of PFAS. Read more

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Youth Climate Action Team

Local youth are leading the charge against climate change, organizing a Sept. 20 statewide climate strike. Read more

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Wisconsin Historical Society

Wisconsin made history 100 years ago, becoming the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment, which gave women voting rights. But Wisconsin is less progressive than your teachers told you — and still has a long way to go to reach gender equality. Read more

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Wisconsin Historical Society photos

Meet some of the Wisconsin women who fought for women’s right to vote: Mathilde Anneke, Dr. Laura Ross Wolcott, Lila Peckham, Emma Brown, the Rev. Olympia Brown, Theodora Youmans, and Ada James. Read more

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350 Madison

Dane County wants to require Enbridge to carry $25 million in insurance in case its pipeline through Dane County leaks. In 2015, the state Legislature passed a law prohibiting such a requirement. The state Supreme Court will now hear the case. Read more

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Doug Pellerin

Operation Migration is famous for teaching whooping crane chicks how to migrate from Wisconsin to Florida. But with the flights grounded and the organization shutting down, what will become of the cranes? Read more

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Madison's newly elected school board members have their work cut out for them in what promises to be a year of change for the district. Not only is the board set to work with new superintendent Jennifer Cheatham, who started on April 1, it is also ta Read more



Tony Evers for State Superintendent

For state superintendent Tony Evers, reelection was the easy part. He handily beat his opponent, staunch conservative Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Town of Erin), with over 60% of the vote Tuesday. Read more


The MMSD School Board race typifies the status of race relations and the tremendous racial divide... White elite liberals dictating to, condescending to and manipulating Madison's communities of color... (from a Madison Times editorial) Read more

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It's hard to find common ground between the candidates running for state superintendent. Incumbent Tony Evers and Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford) both say they're dedicated to improving education for kids in Wisconsin, but the similarities end there, giving voters a stark choice on April 2. Read more


Just hours after Tuesday's primary, Sarah Manski and TJ Mertz were already leveling accusations about experience and integrity in what is becoming the most contentious race for Madison school board this year. The two beat out Ananda Mirilli and will face off in the general election on April 2. Read more


Running for school board is cool again. Not only will all three seats in this spring's general election be contested, there will also be a primary election for the first time since 2007. TJ Mertz, Ananda Mirilli and Sarah Manski will compete in the Feb. 19 primary for the seat of retiring board member Maya Cole. The three candidates argue that the Madison school board has never been more important. Read more


Only one superintendent finalist will be meeting the public at a forum Thursday at Monona Terrace at 5:45 p.m. Late Tuesday, the school board announced that Dr. Walter Milton, Jr., had withdrawn his name from consideration because the district "is not the right fit for him." Milton, who is currently superintendent of schools in Springfield, Illinois, spoke with "Isthmus"just hours before the board's announcement and seemed enthusiastic about attending the forum, saying he would answer questions from the public and media "with an open heart." Read more


After paying an Iowa-based headhunting firm $30,975 to develop a candidate profile and launch a three-month nationwide recruitment effort, and after screening 65 applications, the Madison school board has narrowed its superintendent search down to two finalists. Dr. Jennifer Cheatham is chief of instruction for Chicago Public Schools, and Dr. Walter Milton, Jr., is superintendent of Springfield Public Schools in Illinois. Read more


Media experts, lawmakers and watchdog groups across the country are waiting. In the coming weeks, maybe even just days, the Federal Communications Commission will decide whether to relax its cross-ownership rules for radio, television and newspapers. Read more



Karen Klassen

It's not the three decades of abuse she suffered at the hands of her late first husband that still haunts 79-year-old Bea Christensen. What pains her now, so many years later, is what happened to her children. "The part that makes me feel bad is not my getting hit, but their getting hit," she says tearfully. "It makes me remember when they were little and they had their little white Jockey pants, and they had been spanked so hard on the bottom that his hand print was visible in -- the bruises. And I was too afraid to walk away." Read more



Potter Lawson, Inc.

It's hard to imagine a more high-profile location for the new Domestic Abuse Intervention Services shelter than the former Sears Home Central Service building, across from Webcrafters on Fordem Avenue. Shannon Barry, executive director of the group, say that's exactly why the site was chosen. It's on a bus line, and it's central to other resources clients often use, like the Job Center, Access Community Health and the Rainbow Project. But most importantly, Barry says, a highly secure public location is actually safer. Read more


Madison Mayor Paul Soglin will be meeting Thursday with the Wallace Foundation in New York City to talk about after-school and summer recreation programs. The foundation bills itself as a "national philanthropy that seeks to improve education and enrichment for disadvantaged children." Soglin was inspired to connect with the group at National League of Cities conference in Boston in early December. Read more


Randy Redetzke admits he has a dream job. As art director for Human Head Studios in Madison, he develops the characters and environments for videogames like "Prey" and "Prey 2" for the Xbox, working with concept artists to guide the overall vision. H Read more