Animal Research

Rick Bogle presents a mostly scholarly investigation of UW research and its attendant controversies. He argues that the scientific benefit of animal research, including the work of UW primate researcher Harry Harlow, has been wildly overstated. Read more



Todd Hubler

Amy Kerwin deliberately located Primates Inc. Monkey Sanctuary — which opens in October with three monkeys — near UW-Madison. “If the UW sees the successes of our working with other labs, I think its employees will want to come on board.” Read more

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Susan Day

European earthworms have been a destructive presence in the United States, although their presence has created some benefits for gardeners and farmers. Their Asian cousins, the “jumping worms,” appear to have no benefits. Read more

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UW-Madison is figuring out new ways to commercialize its research. Read more

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Ridglan Farms keeps a low profile. Located 10 minutes outside of Mount Horeb on a desolate county road, the farm sits on a gentle hill, hidden by a long row of evergreens. Only the silo and a glimpse of the pale blue warehouse are visible from the ro Read more

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Noah Phillips

On a cold, windy, and wet Thursday morning, 20 animal activists stood on the corner of West Johnson and Lake streets as members of the UW System's main governing body, the Board of Regents, filed into Gordon Dining and Event Center for its all-day me Read more



Noah Phillips

Jeffrey Kahn has serious doubts about the ethics of the UW-Madison's research depriving newborn rhesus monkeys from their mothers. "I'm deeply skeptical about the necessity of this study," said Kahn. Read more



Tommy Washbush

In his 21 years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's veterinary school, Eric Sandgren has seen a lot of controversies. But the UW's most prominent defender of animal research has never seen anything like this. Sandgren says a typical research pro Read more

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Craig Berridge, a behavioral neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is comfortable with the scrutiny given animal research on campus. "Animal research is a heavily regulated and overseen process," says Berridge, who studies the brain Read more

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Jeff Miller / UW-Madison

Deep inside a dimly lit campus laboratory, a 13-year-old calico cat stares ahead. Her tail twitches back and forth slowly. She appears relaxed but focused. Read more

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If you talk with Paul Kaufman about animals for any length of time, sooner or later he's going to tell you about his turtle. He mentioned it in a meeting with animal rights activists early this year, and again at a campus debate in March on the ethic Read more

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