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Benjamin Barlow

Strollers Theatre kicks off its season with a magnificently acted production of “The Drawer Boy.” Its sharp and poignant script explores our universal need for stories. more



Joseph Blough

Mercury Players Theatre closes out its season with a revival of its 1997 hit "Temps! The Musical!" The subject matter is still relevant, but the production fails to engage. more


One of Madison’s most successful original productions is back for a new generation. Mercury Players Theatre is staging a revival of "Temps! The Musical!" more


The resident companies at the Bartell Theatre reveal an ambitious and wide-ranging season, with everything from an interactive Stonewall experience to a recent Broadway hit. more



Jason Compton

"A Place in the Woods" employs an innovative set, but the kitchen-sink family drama fails to cover new ground. more


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Brett Williams

Madison Theatre Guild presents a reimagined musical version of “Working” at the Bartell Theatre. There are star turns for local performers and some songs, including a couple by “Hamilton”’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, that are worth the price of admission. more



Jonathan Raymond Popp

“Body Awareness,” a play by Pulitzer-winning playwright Annie Baker, invites us into a complicated family drama set on a quaint New England college campus. It’s at the Bartell Theatre through April 7. more



Brett Williams

Set in 1930s New Orleans, “Suddenly, Last Summer” grapples with secrets, lies and sanity. StageQ’s production gives depth to the poetic Tennessee Williams play. more

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Brett Williams

“Rock of Ages” revisits the rock of the Reagan Era with big hair, head-banging and MTV moves that made Tipper Gore blush. It’s at the Bartell Theater through March 17. more



Jonathan J Miner/J Miner Photography

Would you rather your daughter fall in love with a Republican or a tree? The play “Arborophilia” turns that fun idea into a slog. more



Darren Lee

It’s a shame Madison Ballet’s “She” only runs one weekend. The excellent celebration of female choreographers couldn’t be more timely. more


Although it was created in just one week, Are We Delicious’ “Puss in Boots” has energy and polish to spare. more

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Joan Marcus

Isthmus arts and culture editor Catherine Capellaro looks back at a year where she found hope and faith in humanity through art. more

A & E

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Brett Williams

StageQ revives “The Twilight of the Golds” to commemorate the 20th anniversary season of the Bartell Theatre. It’s a moving look at power and acceptance. more



Charles Wetzel

“Spring Awakening” is the first full stage musical from Express Yourself! Dance Studio. It features some standout teen performers, but lacks polish. more

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Marie Schulte

The audience needs to suspend belief in Madison Theatre Guild’s clunky thriller “Wait Until Dark.” But lead actor Erin Baal is terrific as a newly blind protagonist who’s being terrorized by three con men. more


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Jonathan Raymond Popp

Despite Suzan Kurry’s excellent portrayal of both sisters, “The Mineola Twins” doesn’t quite hang together. more



Jonathan Raymond Popp

An early work from Sarah Ruhl, one of the country’s most original playwrights, “Melancholy Play” has a tough time balancing humor, absurdity and darkness. Add a dreary cello score, and it ends up being a downer. more


“From Awkward Spaces” is a new play at the Bartell Theatre that documents the story of how leaders of Madison theater groups got together to create a home for themselves in an unused movie house. more



Tyler Bingman

Sean Langenecker is delightful in his portrayal of the badly behaved genius composer Mozart, in Strollers Theatre’s production of “Amadeus.” It might not be true, but it’s quite entertaining. more

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Dan Myers

“The Nance” is an entertaining and poignant look at entertainers in the waning years of the vaudeville era. It’s at the Bartell Theatre through May 6. more

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