Becky Meyer Pourchot

While some folks will be spending their Christmas Eve dining on baked ham and listening, yet again, to Aunt Edna's litany of medical complaints, a few of us will be pursuing a new holiday tradition involving, of all things, Chinese food and improv. more

Isthmus Giving

On Monday morning, as most children rouse themselves for yet another week of school, Zach Powers, age 9, and his brothers Colby, 7, and Isaac, 5, have a different plan. Their day's agenda includes a stroll down to the river, a visit with their neighbor and a trip to the library. No schoolbooks or worksheets included. They're part of a nationwide homeschool movement called "unschooling," whose adherents believe that children learn best by simply living, unencumbered by imposed curriculums. more

Isthmus Parents