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Kori Feener

Bernie Sanders is picking up his 2020 campaign for president right where he left off his 2016 one. But will his message resonate with enough voters to secure the Democratic nomination? Read more

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Kori Feener

A crowd of 2,500 strong came out to “feel the Bern” at a chilly, lakeside rally at James Madison Park. Sanders says his 2016 campaign changed the priorities of Democratic candidates. He asked voters for support to “complete the revolution” in 2020. Read more

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Like Bernie Sanders, Paul Soglin is appealing to progressives because he is blunt and somewhat aggressive. But Soglin’s anti-war protesting days could come back to haunt him in a general election. Read more

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Wisconsin Democrats don’t need a Bernie Sanders-like candidate for governor. They need somebody from northern Wisconsin who knows his way around a deer blind and how to run a business. How about Jim Holperin? Read more

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Allison Geyer

In Madison, voters love Bernie Sanders. And some still wish he could be president. Now that he’s asking his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton, will they listen? Read more


Should I risk friendships by speaking out loudly for Clinton? Read more

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Joeff Davis

Although Bernie Sanders won the Wisconsin primary by 13 points, the state’s delegates were split almost evenly at the DNC this week. The process has left Bernie fans feeling burned. Read more


In looking at both support for Brexit and for Donald Trump, ignorant, but angry people are lashing out at what they perceive to be the establishment. Their anger may be misdirected, but there is a solution. Read more

Citizen Dave

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders built their campaigns around the aggrieved. Contrast that with Barack Obama, who downplayed identity politics when running for president in 2008. Read more

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I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Wisconsin primary, and I’ve been highly critical of Hillary Clinton. But it’s time for Bernie to step aside. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Bernie Sanders has said out loud what timid Democratic insiders and consultants have refused to say. He’s taken the muzzle off of proud liberalism. From here on out Democratic primary voters will demand a more full-throated liberal vision. Read more

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Carolyn Fath

The Green Party shares many of the same goals with Democratic maverick Bernie Sanders. In an interview with Isthmus, Jill Stein predicts Sanders is about to get burned — and she welcomes his supporters with open arms. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Hillary Clinton will almost surely be the Democratic nominee and very likely the next president. But she is not the future of the Democratic Party. That belongs to Bernie Sanders or, more accurately for the 74-year-old Sanders, his people. Read more

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Chris Collins

Bernie Sanders pulled off a crucial win in the Wisconsin primary April 5. And he did it without the support of most Democratic state elected officials. Read more

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A "friend" suggests that to keep Trump or Cruz out of the White House, we vote for Bernie Sanders and hope for a brokered Democratic Convention, and a possible winning Joe Biden-Elizabeth Warren ticket. Read more

Citizen Dave


Ingrid Laas

All eyes are on Wisconsin as the state gears up for April 5 primary. Democrats face a tough choice between a pragmatist and an idealist. Read more



David Michael Miller

America’s two-party political system is not found in the Constitution. It was not anticipated or thought of as necessary by the nation’s founders. It has buckled under the strain in the past and could do so again. Read more

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David Michael Miller

The presidential campaign — at least the Democratic one — has officially arrived in Madison. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders opened offices here last week, vying for the state’s largest delegate prize. Read more



Dylan Brogan

On the UW-Milwaukee campus, presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders — and their supporters — go head-to-head. But some remain undecided. Read more