The planned reconstruction of Winnebago Street in 2019 is once again pitting local residents against Madison’s lofty bike goals. The Common Council will weigh competing proposals on May 1. more

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If awarded the contract at Judge Doyle Square, Freewheel would include a small retail area, but most of the space would be used for classes and workshops, including basic mechanics courses, safety education and classes geared specifically for women. more


Fat bikes, ideal for traversing ice and snow, make for oversized fun. The stable ride makes them a perfect choice for the casual enthusiast. more

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In recent years, cyclocross has gained popularity in the United States. A weekend of races starting Sept. 17 in Waterloo will feature local and regional riders as well as international pros. more


Are bicyclists “entitled” to ride anywhere they choose? Hell yes! more

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For years, bikers have dreamed of an easier way to get around the Capitol Square. But Sen. Fred Risser says the current way works just fine. more




The Cargo Bike Shop sells two-wheelers that help you do the hauling. Owner Tim Staton is looking to expand to a storefront this spring from his Maple Bluff garage. more



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Madison has joined an elite group of cities recognized for their friendliness to bicycling. This is good for the economy and reflects on our high quality of life. more

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Bicyclists will have a much easier way to navigate Capitol Square when it is rebuilt over the next two years. The city proposes a special bike lane that will flow against traffic. more

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A few thoughts from our recent 10-day stay in Europe: Americans worry too much about safety. Scarce parking is good for cities. Good urbanism is good for public health. more

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Urban historian James Longhurst finds that streets are as much about cafes as cartage. more

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The Unicycling Society of America considers Madison Unicyclists to be leaders in the unicycling movement. That’s why, for the second time since 2011, Madison will host the North American Unicycling Convention and Championships. more

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Bike theft is a huge problem in Madison, with an estimated 16,000 bicycles stolen over the past decade. UW Police are taking the fight to the streets, by putting “bait bikes” at racks and tracking them by GPS when they’re swiped. more



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Revenues are down and transportation infrastructure needs are great. But a tax on new bikes is not the way to go. more

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Rob’s Sugar River Ramble will raise funds for phosphorus reduction in the Upper Sugar River Watershed with a bike ride in the Driftless, followed by a paddle down the river. more


One of the best-kept secrets on campus must be the UW-Madison Bicycle Resource Center, a space for students, employees or those in the community to do work on their own bicycles with professional repair-stands and a full set of tools. more



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It may be a Madison first, a mini bike tour/author reading called a "Ride and Read" that will start at the Pinney Branch Library and head to the Central Library. It's led by UW-Madison grad Brian Benson, the author of "Going Somewhere: A Memoir", jus more

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Even though my hands were throbbing in pain, releasing even one from the handlebars wasn't a choice. more

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When people ask me why I moved to Madison from western New York last fall, "I wanted to sell my car and ride a bike instead" is one of my top three responses. But if you'd told me last summer that in six months I'd be whispering "YOLO" to myself (iro more

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I've noticed more and more bare-headed Madison bikers. I can't prove it -- more on that later -- but I've lived directly on or within sight of some of Madison's most traveled bike paths and suddenly it seems like helmets are in decline. more