Rad Bag

The holidays may not seem the best time to bring up climate change. But with these gifts you can encourage your loved ones to seek out alternative modes of transportation, and enjoy them, too. Read more

Isthmus Giving


Kevin McIlwaine

Slow Roll Cycles opened in May in the Lake Edge Shopping Center. While it specializes in mountain bikes, it’s a full-service shop. Read more



Dave Nevala

Citizen Dave is stepping down as executive director of the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation and will try his hand at being “Writer Dave.” Read more

News 5 Comments

Terrence Wall rages against Madison traffic engineering department test on East Mifflin Street, possibly fueling a letter-writing campaign against the city. But officials say opponents have their facts wrong. Read more

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Every year, the Madison Police Department is forced to sell or dump hundreds of bikes that have been lost or stolen. Some police employees thought it would be nice if they could give away those bikes to people in need. Read more

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Gavin Gould

The whole sport of cyclocross is crazy — why would the bike pits be any different? Read more



Jeff Kennel

Wisconsin’s Trek bikes is going electric. E-bikes may be perfect for everyone from harried commuters to adventure travelers. Read more


After Trek pulls support, Madison Parks scales back Ride the Drive. The car-free route through downtown will be shortened and event will focus more on parks. Read more

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The event in Madison is moving to June. Also, there is no more “community commute” with a news conference. And the part about biking to work is no more. Read more

Citizen Dave


David Michael Miller

Citizen Dave, whose day job is executive director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed, makes a shameless plug for the group’s April 20 conference on self-driving cars. Read more

Citizen Dave