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David Michael Miller

“Kicking Ass Every Day” was the first one. Now it’s “Kicking Voters Off The Polls Every Day.” more

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David Michael Miller

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel says that law-abiding gun owners “don’t go out and shoot up schools.” He’s wrong. more

Citizen Dave


Art by David Michael Miller

President Trump manages to suck the oxygen from the room, elbowing aside other news. Stuff happens that nobody notices. But 2017 was a banner year for Cheap Shots, Isthmus’ annual tradition of delivering low blows to worthy recipients. more

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A relatively new state law requires an outside investigation of police-involved deaths. Rep. Chris Taylor of Madison wants to prohibit officers from investigating those police departments where they used to work. Schimel — arrogantly — opposes this. more

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Tram Nguyen

​In Wisconsin, children are still being charged with the crime of prostitution, even though most people consider them victims. Some are pushing to end the practice, but not everyone agrees it’s the best approach. more