Capitol Centennial

An exhibit at the Overture Center celebrates the State Capitol’s centennial. But the artists don’t hold back their criticisms of the building’s current occupants. more

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Christoher Guess

When protesters moved into the state Capitol in 2011, it was more than a protest of Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial collective bargaining bill. It was also a symbolic affirmation of the ideal of self-government. more

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Colleen Hayes

Depending on how you count it, Wisconsin’s Capitol building is either its third or fifth. This week it turns 100. more

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Many of the Capitol’s artists had worked at the Chicago’s World Fair, including Edwin Howland Blashfield, who painted “The Resources of Wisconsin.” more

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David Michael Miller

There is Wisconsin. And there’s Forward. Is there a Miss Forward at the 100-year old Wisconsin Capitol? more

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David Michael Miller

A host of World’s Fair architects, artists and artisans were brought to Madison to help create the Capitol’s exterior. Their sculptures are meant to symbolize the values of the state. more

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Laura Zastrow

Without a doubt, the new Eno Vino Downtown on the top floor of the AC Hotel has some of the best views in Madison. But the food doesn’t rise to quite the same level. more

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It’s unclear when people started referring to the Wisconsin Capitol as the “people’s house” but a new book says the term can be traced back to a reference to the White House made during an 1827 debate. more

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Wisconsin Historical Society

When the Legislature convened for the first time in the new Capitol on Jan. 10, 1917, Madison residents had a new place to go for fine dining: The Capitol Cafe. The restaurant operated in the basement for more than a decade. more



Wisconsin Historical Society

Officially the Capitol Square is the Capitol Park. Today’s steps, lighting fixtures, urns and approaches were all part of the current building’s design. more

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Justin Sprecher

Mollusks frozen in time on the walls of the Hearing Room. Funny looking badgers. Unintentional fascist imagery. Craig Johnson shows us the quirkier details of the Capitol in this video tour. more

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Alisha David

The State Capitol building is renowned for its majestic beauty. But the gardens, the landscaping and the people who take care of the grounds are just as special. more

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Wisconsin Historical Society

Learn how to make the hair tonic Fighting Bob La Follette used to groom his famous pompadour in this video with staff writer Dylan Brogan. Bob’s secret ingredient: Spanish Fly. more



Linda Falkenstein

Capitol maintenance workers cope with the unexpected. A tour of doors and more with mechanic Jim Werlein. more

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