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The Netflix series “Special” — created by its star Ryan O’Connell — tackles issues of disability and identity with humor and pathos. The show is presented in eight bite-sized episodes that pack a punch. Read more

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“Knock Down the House” is a powerful documentary available on Netflix that shows the power of community organizing as it tracks the longshot candidacies of four women Congressional candidates in 2018. We’re all familiar with one of them: AOC Read more

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Michael Holt has spent the last couple of decades refining the art of the house concert. Now the troubadour applies these principles to a traveling workshop and forthcoming book, “Eating Music.” Read more



Andy Manis

From holding Maya Angelou’s grocery bags to overseeing a multimillion dollar renovation, Ralph Russo has seen a lot in his 35 years with the Wisconsin Union Theater — 17 of them spent as director. Read more

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Amazing Grace Film: LLC

In 1972, a camera crew led by Sydney Pollack captured a live recording of Aretha Franklin’s gospel album at a Los Angeles Baptist Church. The result is “Amazing Grace,” one of the greatest concert films ever made. Read more



Kori Feener

An estimated 10,000 people rallied at the Capitol in support of budget proposals from Gov. Tony Evers: granting driver’s licenses to non-citizens and providing in-state tuition to undocumented students who graduate from Wisconsin high schools. Read more



Stephanie Hofmann

From art exhibits to documentaries, stage plays and floating parades, you’d be a fool to miss these wonderful spring events. Read more

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Jennifer Johnson

As debates rage about representation in Hollywood and on television, we chatted with five Wisconsin filmmakers, women and people of color, showing work at this year’s Wisconsin Film Festival. The results were illuminating. Read more

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Tickets are still available for some fantastic films showing at this year’s Wisconsin Film Festival. Isthmus critics dug in to another round, to help procrastinators pick their films. Read more

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Forget your troubles by laughing at ridiculous corporate musicals in “Bathtubs Over Broadway” or get some perspective by viewing the majestic creatures in “Elephant Path.” Here’s our first round of reviews for this year's Wisconsin Film Festival. Read more

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“Shrill,” which stars SNL’s Aidy Bryant, is a game-changer. It’s inspired by Lindy West’s groundbreaking book of essays, and tracks the life and career of a young journalist seeking acceptance, from the inside and out. Read more

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Jonathan Raymond Popp

“Trouble in Mind” — a collaboration between UW-Madison’s Afro-American Studies department and KRASS Women’s Theatre — shows an integrated cast wrestling with race and representation backstage in the 1950s. Read more



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Catherine Capellaro talks to Overture’s new president and CEO, Sandra Gajic, about her journey from her childhood in Yugoslavia to Madison, by way of Canada. It’s an immigrant’s tale, and a love story about the performing arts. Read more

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Leaders of Children’s Theater of Madison and Madison Youth Choirs are ecstatic about the $20 million pledge from Pleasant Rowland that will launch the state-of-the-art Madison Youth Arts Center. Read more

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Beth Skogen

Catherine Capellaro spends time with Sammy, a friendly poodle mix touring the country with the musical “Finding Neverland,” and his understudy, Lexie. Read more


After seeing both the indie documentary and the Hollywood film, Catherine Capellaro is happy to report that both films capture the essence of Mark Hogancamp, the artist who creates a fantasy world after a horrific beating. Read more


Forget top-10 lists. Isthmus arts & culture editor Catherine Capellaro writes about 11 films that opened her heart or blew her mind in 2018. Read more

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Director Yorgos Lanthimos has created a masterpiece in “The Favourite,” a behind-the-scenes palace thriller featuring a trio of strong women. Read more


We love dogs. And we love watching dogs — in real life and onscreen. Here are some of Isthmus’ favorite movies (and one TV episode) featuring canines and their humans. Read more

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Beth Skogen

Catherine Capellaro is living the dream: hanging out in a roomful of puppies at Puppy Yoga at the Puppy Den. Read more


  • Art-Do-Ho-Suh-Exhibit-crCatherineCapellaro-02232017.jpg

    Catherine Capellaro

    Visitors may experience the sensation of entering a three-dimensional blueprint..

  • Cover-Womens-March-Washington-crCatCapellaro-01262017 (2).jpg

    Catherine Capellaro

    Madison women joined an estimated half-million protesters from around the country.

  • Cover-Womens-March-Washington-crCatCapellaro-01262017 (3).jpg

    Catherine Capellaro

    Fiona Wolfe (left) and Wei Li Werner, both East High seniors, on the 36-hour journey.

  • Cover-Womens-March-Washington-crCatCapellaro-01262017.jpg

    Catherine Capellaro

    As the sun set, thousands of protesters deposited signs along the fences surrounding the White House.