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The Art Fair on the Square, now in its 60th year, is a thriving arts economy, benefiting a local art museum, boosting careers of working artists and infusing cash into local businesses. more

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In a new documentary, experience the quiet fierceness and the force of love that was Fred Rogers. “Mister Rogers' Neighborhood” had, at its core, a gentleness, an acceptance of all human beings. more


Professional actors turn third- and fourth-graders’ songs, stories and poems into a delightful and unexpected performance. It’s called “Whoopensocker,” and the public can see the greatest hits at Overture Center June 1 and 3. more


Riveting performances from Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams anchor the excellent “Disobedience,” a film about love and grief set in a community of Orthodox Jews in London. more


“RBG” is a new documentary that shines a light on the extraordinary life and career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the diminutive Supreme Court Justice who is still kicking it in her mid-80s. more


Charlize Theron is a marvel as a mom on the verge of a breakdown in “Tully.” She finds relief after she gets help from a “night nanny. more



Nathan Jandl

Up-and-coming novelist Chloe Benjamin talks about the success of her latest novel, “The Immortalists,” and settling down in the Midwest. more



Ross Zentner

A young woman of color learns from the grownups around her in a powerful production of “Lines” from Theatre LILA. more



Jeff Miller-UW Madison

Fox and coyote coexist peacefully at the Arboretum, according to researchers from the UW-Madison Urban Canid Project. It’s a rare phenomenon. more

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Zane Williams

“Marjorie Prime” explores a future where humans are comforted by robot versions of their loved ones. It features fine performances, but explores a rather tired premise. more


Catherine Capellaro reviews three films at the Wisconsin Film Festival where people mess up their lives by caring too much about what other people think. more


Dumplings, hot pot, beef roll, noodles and more. A tour of Madison’s Chinese restaurants shows a new variety of dishes and regional cuisines. more

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Ben Reiser

Madison performers, from opera to hip-hop, star in 12 original film trailers for this year’s Wisconsin Film Festival. They’ve all created versions of the “Campfire Theme Song,” which debuted in 2014. more



Laura Zastrow

On shoestring budgets and often working solo, DIY pioneer Wendy Schneider has run a video production and recording studio, released two full-length documentaries and retired one rock band and launched another. more

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Catherine Capellaro talks to Frank Warren, founder of the wildly popular PostSecret blog. He’s at Overture Center on March 3 with a stage show that’s a collective celebration of secrets. more



Stacy Bruner

Isthmus’ Catherine Capellaro spends time with Alex the Mind Reader. He’s part of the touring show from the UK, Champions of Magic. They’re at Overture Center’s Capitol Theater March 2. more


Bassist and music educator Laurie Lang brings together film, dance and music for “Hearsay,” an event designed to call attention to the crisis of human trafficking. more



Ross Zentner

If you like “Black Mirror” (without the creepy parts) and “Groundhog Day” (because it’s the best), you’ll want to snatch up a ticket for “Constellations,” the latest offering from one of Madison’s finest theater companies. more



Doug MacDonald

It’s been one year since the self-described “stable genius” Donald Trump was inaugurated. Our friends at alternative weekly newspapers around the country helped put together a playlist of protest songs to mark the occasion. more

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Joan Marcus

Isthmus arts and culture editor Catherine Capellaro looks back at a year where she found hope and faith in humanity through art. more

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    Catherine Capellaro

    Visitors may experience the sensation of entering a three-dimensional blueprint..

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    Catherine Capellaro

    Madison women joined an estimated half-million protesters from around the country.

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    Catherine Capellaro

    Fiona Wolfe (left) and Wei Li Werner, both East High seniors, on the 36-hour journey.

  • Cover-Womens-March-Washington-crCatCapellaro-01262017.jpg

    Catherine Capellaro

    As the sun set, thousands of protesters deposited signs along the fences surrounding the White House.