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Steve McPherson

One person’s trash is another’s art — and a call to action — at “Plastic Entanglements,” a beautiful and thought-provoking new exhibit at the Chazen Museum of Art. Read more

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Anton Grassl

There are big changes afoot at UW-Madison’s Chazen Museum of Art. The museum announced last week that starting in September, it will be open every day from 8 am to 8 pm, and is adding a first-floor cafe. Read more

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Linda Falkenstein

In life drawing, it is folly to try to make your sketches “too human, too soon.” This and other artistic advice is available free at the Chazen Museum of Art. Read more

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Sanford Biggers’ “BAM” examines police violence with sculptures disfigured by gunfire. The exhibit opens at the Chazen Museum of Art on June 28, alongside Biggers’ quilt collection. Read more

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Jim Escalante

“Secrete, Augment, Testify” is an exhibit of fungus photos and metalwork by Chloe Darke, winner of the 2019 Russell and Paula Panczenko MFA Prize. It’s at the Chazen Museum of Art through June 16. Read more

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Gillian Laub

“Southern Rites,” a photography exhibit at the Chazen Museum of Art by UW alum Gillian Laub, documents the segregation practices of a Southern town. Read more

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The Chazen Museum of Art displays 16 prints from the late great printmaker Warrington Colescott, who died in September. Read more

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Michael Kienitz

A new exhibit at the Chazen Museum of Art features stunning photography by Michael Kienitz. The artist culled 30 images from more than 14,000 he has taken in Iceland over the past five years. Read more

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Amy Gilman, the new director of the Chazen Museum of Art, wants to help the museum stretch in new directions. Read more

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Chazen Museum

For three years, Manabu Ikeda has been working on his meticulous ink-and-pigment artwork at the Chazen Museum. It’s now nearing completion, and he’s looking for a sense of healing. Read more



Gavin Ashworth

A gift of exquisite ceramic sculptures to the Chazen Museum of Art raises the profile of the museum in the art world. Read more

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