Chris Lay

Podcast aficionado Chris Lay delves into some political potboilers: “Slow Burn,” which looks at new wrinkles in the Watergate case and Bill Clinton’s impeachment, and “The RFK Tapes,” a serpentine dissection of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Read more

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Jessica Pohl

There’s nobody quite like David Liebe Hart. The musician, puppeteer, actor and painter talks to Chris Lay about his bizarro songs, alien visitations, a fanny pack and trains. Hart comes to Art In Oct. 3. Bring photos of trains. Read more



Todd Hubler

Chris Lay reports on two fascinating podcasts exploring the cult of personality, one that exposes yoga guru Bikram Choudhury and another profiling social self-help sensation/charlatan Teal Swan. Read more

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The Onion left Madison almost two decades ago. But a retrospective of the company shows it owes a lot to its Madison years. Read more

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Chris Lay

Chicago’s Global Menu McDonald’s starts too tame. Is it worth dropping in while near the West Loop? Sure thing. Read more


Holiday cheer from the masters of audio storytelling. We analyze the best holiday episodes from This American Life. Read more

A & E

This week, we look at some podcasts that work through difficult subjects in a medium better known for true crime and comedy. Read more

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“American Bandito,” a new podcast series that just wrapped up its first season, is a fascinating dive into the lives of artists in Madison. Much of its success is due to the boundless curiosity and enthusiasm of creator Tom Ray. Read more

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Nickolai Hammar/NPR

In which podcasts turn their eye on Star Trek, hip-hop, and even podcasts. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Amazon enters the branded podcasts game with Audible Originals. The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson explores the effects of the proliferation of hardcore porn. Read more

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Peter didn’t win The Bachelorette, so he’s back on that grind. We join one of his fitness boot camps. Read more

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Our hometown hero didn’t win. But he didn’t really lose, either. Read more

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George Burns/ABC

Can our sweet, sweet boy pull it off? A retrospective on this season of The Bachelorette. Read more

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George Burns/ABC

Peter brings Rachel to the farmers' market and doesn’t get the poor girl any curds or spicy cheese bread. And she still gives him a rose! How does this guy even do it. Read more

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This week, we review some newer podcasts that are just hitting their stride. Plus, we dig into the podcast morgue. Read more

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Hometown boy Peter weathers the storms of The Bachelorette and brings the show to Madison Read more

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We’re doing podcast reviews now. First up? All of the Above with Norman Lear, hosted by the comedy giant and political activist. Read more

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Paul Hebert

Our Madison man is doing well on The Bachelorette — mostly by being very Wisconsin. Read more

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It’s not often that major reality television events find their way to our neck of the woods — 77 square miles surrounded by reality TV, amirite? — but it looks like that’s about to change with Season 13 of ABC’s The Bachelorette. Read more

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Zack Kemmerer’s turn as an “American Ninja Warrior” is far from over. Though his face flashed on screen for just a moment in the season opener, more feats of athleticism are to come for the UW biochem student, who is advancing to the next round. Read more

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    Chris Lay

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    Chris Lay

    If this is the McFlurry Prestígio, we must be in Brazil. Or the West Loop.

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    Chris Lay