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David Michael Miller

The public information officer for Madison Water Utility seeks to set the record straight on her agency’s response to the threat of PFAS. Read more

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David Michael Miller

PILOT is a little-known tax the city of Madison charges some city agencies in exchange for municipal services. Do taxpayers end up footing the bill? Read more



David Michael Miller

When will Madison street parkers be able to pay via smartphone app for every city parking spot? Read more



Glenn Trudel

Former Mayor Joel Skornicka was a no-nonsense, effective leader who was kind and ruled without ego. Read more

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Fewer Madison residents will have to obey Alternate Side Parking restrictions this winter with the expansion of the Snow Emergency Zone. However, parking will be restricted on one side of the street, once a week, throughout the year. Read more


The city of Madison put several suburban communities in a bind with a late request for extra funding for Madison Metro. The municipalities are working on finding a solution, but one possibility is cuts to bus service. Read more


Madison cat owners are required to follow the same leash laws as dog owners, and register their pets annually. According to city data, an overwhelming majority of Madison cats aren’t licensed. Are yours? Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

Mike Koval’s abrupt departure as Madison police chief was prompted by his frustration with the mayor and other elected officials over staffing levels: “I’ve grown weary of it.” Read more

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David Michael Miller

We have a plan! Some of the recommendations of the Madison Cultural Plan are being followed, but sometimes it seems like Karin Wolf, the city’s arts program administrator, is the only one using it. Read more

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Rettler Corporation

In an effort to host athletic games, Edgewood is asking Madison to terminate its master plan. The school argues that the restrictions are a violation of their religious freedoms. Read more

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As the city starts to put together its next budget, there is again a projected gap between expenses and revenues. Agencies will be asked to cut back and some will offer options that are not feasible politically. Read more

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City of Madison Engineering

The reconstruction plan calls for the slight narrowing of driving lanes and the addition of pedestrian sidewalks along the north side of University Avenue and east side of University Bay Drive. Read more



Dylan Brogan

The city of Madison adopted a new flag in 2018 but the old flag still flies at several city facilities. Read more

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Wisconsin Historical Society

The city has given the owner of the historic Suhr house on Langdon Street a deadline to fix the structure or risk losing it through demolition by neglect. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Former Mayor Paul Soglin and Dane County Executive Joe Parisi argued for months over the reconstruction of Buckeye Road. Satya Rhodes-Conway was able to reach an agreement during the two weeks she was mayor-elect. What changed? Read more


The Madison Public Market, expected to open in 2021, is a chance to work toward equity by helping people create viable businesses. Read more


Tax incremental financing was a slick idea and for the most part it’s worked out great in Madison. But there’s a downside. Read more

Citizen Dave 3 Comments

Three alders were appointed to the Madison Common Council this year. They all pledged not to run for a permanent spot on the council. Yet, two of them are. Read more



Dylan Brogan

Paul Soglin has upset the apple cart in next year’s race for Madison mayor. His opponents say he’s been mayor long enough. Read more

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Wisconsin Historical Society / David Sandell

The ‘60s in Madison have been well documented, but a new book by Stuart Levitan digs up new treasures that amuse, enlighten and shock. Read more

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