Climate Change


Dylan Brogan

Madison Police to climate activists: Thanks for trying to save the world — now pay us $4,631.66. Read more

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Cameron Bren

350 Madison activists ramp up pressure on Chase Bank in hopes of turning off financial spigot to fossil fuel companies, like Enbridge, which pumps tar sands oil through Dane County. The group shut down a Madison Chase branch on Nov. 9. Read more

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Ride-sharing services are booming and electric cars are dropping in price. Zerology wants to combine the two to help fight climate change. Read more



Dylan Brogan

Thousands of people in Madison joined the world-wide strike demanding action on climate change. The strike was led by youth, “the last generation that can really do something about this.” Read more


“Anthropocene: The Human Epoch,” showing at Union South Marquee on Sept. 25, is a chilling look at humans’ impact on the planet — and a call to action. Read more



Youth Climate Action Team

Local youth are leading the charge against climate change, organizing a Sept. 20 statewide climate strike. Read more

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A new exhibit at the James Watrous Gallery is the result of artists working with scientists to depict how climate change affects Wisconsin plant species. Read more

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Shaysa Sidebottom

Bob Lindmeier, meteorologist at WKOW-TV, educates his viewers about the relationship between local weather and the changing global climate. He’s busy talking to local community groups about the situation as well. Read more

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Haidee Chu

Madison high school students shared stories about how they fear the world is changing in protest for action on climate change at the Capitol. Read more



Haidee Chu

A coalition of Madison-area high school students is tired of waiting for adults to take needed action against climate change. These students plan to march next week to draw attention to the problem. Read more

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The world has 12 years to prevent catastrophic climate change. So why are Wisconsin’s utilities still burning coal? Read more

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Vic Barrett, a UW-Madison sophomore, knows that his generation will be the one getting “screwed over” by climate change. So he joined a lawsuit attempting the force the U.S. government to take action now. Read more



Dylan Brogan

With more rain forecast and the lakes at capacity, Madison residents spent Friday preparing for flooding and fortifying their homes. Read more




Most weather forecasting relies on radar and satellites. Understory is hoping to modernize ground-based sensors, which are prone to failure. Read more


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Adam Matthew Hinterthuer

When the lakes are frozen, Madison is a winter wonderland. But reliable ice and deep snow are becoming the anomaly. We’re losing something magical. Read more

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Baynard Woods

Thousands marching for evidence-based decision-making and protesting budget cuts for science is pretty cool. But are we also marching for scientists of the military-industrial complex? When we march, we should be clear what we are marching for. Read more

Democracy in Crisis


David Michael Miller

The first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency have been met with protests at every turn — first the Women’s March, then the airport sit-ins, then the general strikes. Now, scientists and climate activists are taking a turn. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Last week’s unseasonably warm temperatures reflect the impacts of climate change that are not so nice: flooded coastal cities, destructive storms and brutal heat waves. Read more

Citizen Dave

Most city operations in Madison could mostly run on renewable energy in as little as five years. Read more


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources removed language pointing to human-caused climate change on its website. Scientists at UW-Madison debunk the revised language in a public statement. Read more