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Isthmus gift guide 2016: Gifts to give the design snob in your life, without fear of rejection. Read more

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Emily Korn

​Five years after her UW graduation, Nika Roza Danilova (aka Zola Jesus) is a bona fide avant-garde rock star with a cosmopolitan sensibility. Read more


Former Madisonians and Planet Propaganda designers Michael Byzewski and Dan Ibarra, better known as Aesthetic Apparatus, threw their hands up in one of the packed auditoriums of Discovery World on the lakefront of Milwaukee on Friday night. These guys don't stop. And word on the street is they won't stop. Read more

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With the considerable humidity mixing with the heat of thousands of tightly packed, only-just-post-adolescent bodies, hormones and pheromones flashed and sparked through the crowd like heat lighting. The crowd surged to its feet screaming when its young heroes appeared. Read more



Little Friends of Printmaking

The indie craft fair was started by Seattle native Faythe Levine -- yep, her best friend is Andrea Zollo of Pretty Girls Make Graves -- after Chicago's Renegade Craft Fair knocked her socks off. Art vs. Craft enters its fourth year of bringing Milwaukee the very best of indie crafters, designers and artists from around the Midwest and the U.S. Read more

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Summerfest is sort of a big deal for Panic! At the Disco, the band's guitarist and songwriter Ryan Ross said by phone in late June. The number of shows they've played since its Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour ended last December can be counted on one hand. And these guys are preoccupied with other things just now. Read more


Visiting Summerfest? Judiciously pass up the overpriced, unhealthy fairgrounds food and get your nosh on at one of the neighborhood unique eateries. Midwestern cool kids with a soft spot for heavy industry's orphaned buildings will love strolling around the formerly gritty Third and Fifth Ward area adjacent to the Summerfest grounds. Read more


Summer is also festival season in Milwaukee -- and love it or hate it -- it is the king of festivals. Out-of-towners flood the Third Ward, the eastside neighborhood nearest the Summerfest grounds. Read more



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More than 370 vendors came from all 50 states and several countries, and 3,000 bead addicts, fanatics and crafters registered for nearly 500 classes and workshops. People came from as far away as Japan to learn and buy beads. Read more


Ah, la belle Milwaukee! The Paris of Wisconsin! A city of church spires and good food. The charm of Milwaukee goes well beyond accordions, beer or even "Laverne & Shirley". Much more than in Madison, the experience of Milwaukee means forging a unique relationship with geography. Read more


It's important to understand that Leslie Hall, School of the Museum of Fine Arts graduate and Ames, Iowa native, is brilliant. The gem sweater proponent is the most brilliant regionalist, perhaps, since fellow Iowan Grant Wood. Read more