Another football season is underway but one former fan won’t be watching. Read more

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UW students already demonstrate a healthy approach to football by showing up late to games. They might do even more for social justice when they stop showing up at all. Read more

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David Michael Miller

I realized that the odds of my own son suffering a catastrophic injury — be it from a late hit or a freak injury — were slim. But, I imagine, so did the parents of those young football players who died. Read more

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The dangers of head injuries in football may not be as dire as thought. Research from the UW-Platteville indicates football in the absence of a concussion is no more dangerous to the brain than any other sport. Read more



David Michael Miller

Like a growing number of fans, I can’t quite square my love of watching the game with the damage I know it is doing to the men who play it. Read more

Citizen Dave

The new film Concussion provides a sobering account of the physical violence still prevalent in football. But Dane County Area Youth Football League tries to make the game as safe as possible for kids. Read more



Timothy Hughes

Chris Borland shocked just about everybody when he retired from the NFL after playing one season with the 49ers. “I was the type of guy who played through anything,” he says. “And I started feeling like that might be really unwise.” Read more



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Two former Wisconsin Badgers and NFL players, from two different eras, swap stories. Read more

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In Episode 3 Mark Tauscher talks to Matt Lepay, who is on location in Los Angeles for the Badgers' Sweet 16 game, about the matchup with North Carolina. They also discuss Chris Borland's retirement from the NFL due to concussion concerns. Read more

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Dr. David Bernhardt sees a lot of concussions. A pediatric sports medicine specialist at UW Health's Sports Medicine clinic, he treats them and also attends conferences devoted to the injury. Read more

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