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Various hardscape alternatives for driveways, paths and patios are entering the mainstream. Read more

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There's an art to staying healthy, and part of that is working out your mind. A key part of a well-rounded, healthy life is your mental well-being. While some turn to various forms of pure meditation, others find that pursuing a contemplative art form helps them focus on the "now" and quiet other, stress-producing aspects of their lives. Read more

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Megan Cain and Mark Sundlin are strong proponents of sustainable living. They met at Dancing Rabbit, an intentional, ecological community in Missouri. They value living simply and thoughtfully, and recently bought their first home at Troy Gardens, a new condo/co-housing development on Madison's north side that meets green-built standards. They love their bamboo floors and the sunlight from their many windows. It was only natural that they'd want to cover their walls in green materials, too, and American Clay caught their interest. Read more

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Summer days beg us to get outside and enjoy them. And what better way to experience the buy-local movement a bit differently than by visiting local wineries? Read more

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