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Conventional NFL wisdom says that the keys to a Super Bowl championship are defense and a solid rushing attack. The Seattle Seahawks certainly followed that model last year with the top-ranked defense as well as the top-ranked rushing offense on the way to their first Super Bowl title. Read more


When Gary Andersen called Barry Alvarez to tell him he was resigning to accept the head coaching job at Oregon State, he probably didn't use the phrase "It's not you, it's me." And like most people, if Andersen had said that, he probably didn't mean it. Read more



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Most people would identify watching sports as an enjoyable diversion, like gardening or hiking. However, few fights break out at greenhouses. And seldom do two men in a bar engage in a shouting match about whose favorite trail is better. Sports fando Read more


This is what you asked for, college football fans. For years you complained about the Bowl Championship Series that set teams up in five bowl game matchups. You wondered why college football couldn't have playoffs like nearly every other sport in the country. Read more



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Remember the college volleyball team from Madison that advanced all the way to the national championship match last year? No, not the Badgers, who lost the national championship game in front of 14,779 fans in Seattle and televised on ESPN. This was the team that played in front of a few hundred people in Rochester, Minn. The other big difference: The Madison College WolfPack won. Read more



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They've been to the NCAA Tournament 17 times and are ranked 12th in the country, but even die-hard Wisconsin Badger fans would be hard-pressed to name a member of their team. Who am I talking about? Read more


When journalist James Edward Mills was growing up in Los Angeles, he was fortunate to have parents who exposed him to outdoor recreation and a Boy Scout troop that helped get him away from the asphalt of the city. He realized, however, that as an Afr Read more

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Breese Stevens Field has been full of activity this fall -- however, it's been playing host to backhoes and dump trucks rather than soccer and Ultimate matches. Breese Stevens, Madison's first lighted stadium, is undergoing one of the most extensive renovations in its 89-year history. Read more


Kelly Sheffield, second-year head coach for Wisconsin women's volleyball, has the challenge of coming up with an encore for last season. Wisconsin returns all but one player from last year's team, which made a dramatic run all the way to the NCAA Tournament championship match. Read more



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After opening this weekend against the LSU Tigers in "neutral" Houston, the Wisconsin Football Badgers will spend three September Saturdays at Camp Randall before their Big Ten conference schedule begins at Northwestern Oct. 4. Read more

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When you think your job is a headache, try being a high school athletic director. Once you handle the scheduling, the rescheduling, the disgruntled parents, the facility setup, the budget, the still disgruntled parents and the re-rescheduling, you have just enough time to appreciate your student-athletes' hard work and success before talking to another pair of disgruntled parents. Read more


Depending on your point of view, last week collegiate athletics was either irretrievably lost or finally reformed for justice. Read more



Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

Milwaukee Brewers fans know how Damocles must have felt with the razor-sharp sword hanging by a thread over his head as he sat in the king's throne. The Brewers' hold on first place at the All-Star Break was similarly tenuous. Read more