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David Michael Miller

Populism on the right or left does not appeal to me. I might no longer qualify as a liberal. I’m a moderate. Read more

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David Michael Miller

It will not be easy, but there is some hope that 2018’s progressive gains will continue in 2020. Read more

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Now is the time for centrist Democrats who want to defeat Donald Trump to move on from Joe Biden so that either Amy Klobuchar or Pete Buttigieg have some chance at winning the nomination. Read more

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At last count there were no less than 11 declared candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. And others are likely on the way. What trait am I looking for? Boring. Read more

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If you haven’t already, check out The Wilderness podcast, a 15-part series on the woes of the Democratic Party. Read more

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I bought a boat from a crusty engaged business owner who gave me a break on the price. He was also a proud Trump voter. Read more

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Republicans underestimated Tammy Baldwin in 2012. This election, outside interest groups started targeting the Wisconsin senator months ago. Read more

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David Michael Miller

In time to celebrate Independence Day, here’s a happy scenario for liberals. It starts with taking back both houses of Congress in November. Read more

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David Michael Miller

I’m quite liberal on social issues. I am completely comfortable with terms like intersectionality and cisgender. Lately, however, I have heard a few things from fellow social liberals that I am not so comfortable with. Read more

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David Michael Miller

There are serious issues facing the state, not the least of which is Wisconsin’s growing economic chasm. Let’s see how the Democratic candidates for governor would create broad-based well-being. Read more


Rep. Evan Goyke, a Democrat from Milwaukee, wrote the blueprint for closing the troubled youth prison Lincoln Hills. Does he have the roadmap back to power for Wisconsin Democrats? Read more

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David Michael Miller

As Democrats get ready for this weekend’s state party convention, the big question is who will be the next party chair. But party leadership is not the Democrats’ main problem. It’s their lack of a winning message. Read more

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Scott Foval admits he screwed up by running his mouth about political dirty tricks to a Project Veritas operative. But he says everything shown in the videos is simply a lie. Read more

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Sharon Vanorny

Dave Cieslewicz wrote in a March 7 Citizen Dave post that Democrats must embrace working class men in order to win elections. His argument implies that Dems are already embracing voters of color. They are not. Read more

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David Michael Miller

President Donald Trump once supported single-payer health care. Now that Trumpcare has collapsed, some progressives are hoping to get him back on board. Read more

Democracy in Crisis


David Michael Miller

I once had faith in the big blue glacier — growing numbers of Hispanics and millennials combined with strong participation by women and African Americans would put Democrats in power. But the November results have forced me to revisit that idea. Read more

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Appalled by Trump’s gaffes, scandals and ill-conceived executive orders, progressives are waging a persistent rebellion across the land. One key to making sure the movement lives on: “Keep giving people something to do.” Read more

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David Michael Miller

On Feb. 26, Democratic officials will select a new party chair. But in trying to claw their way back to power, they are demonstrating that the party is all but dead. Read more

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Democrats have to start winning again. And Sen. Tammy Baldwin, who is up for re-election in November 2018, is already under attack from the GOP and its allies. Her liberal base needs to trust her political instincts and get her re-elected. Read more

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Art by David Michael Miller

For starters, there are more liberals than conservatives. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost three million votes. And the country’s younger, more diverse, population is growing. Read more

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