A new policy appears on the road to approval. It would allow dogs on leash in most city parks. Read more

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Joe Tarr

Every week, the Dane County Humane Society takes in dogs and puppies from Southern shelters. Isthmus watched one group’s arrival. Read more


Laura Strimpel’s North Paw boarding and daycare facility specializes in smaller dogs, so they won’t feel threatened or overwhelmed. There’s another small pet welcome, too … cats. Read more

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I’ve had two Shelties, but they were really my wife’s dogs. This time we have a mutt and it’s going to be different. Read more

Citizen Dave


Beth Skogen

After serving time for two vehicular homicides, Sharif Harmon has found a path to redemption — in his home kitchen, making treats for dogs and humans. Read more


Who knew pet registration forms could be so interesting? Take a deep dive into Madison’s dog demographic data. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

Take a walk on the Wag! side. There’s a new app that people are calling “the Uber of dog walking.” Read more

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Amy Lambright Murphy and Jill Schaefer dreamed up Reek Havoc as a way to cope with pet odors. But the business has also connected them to the community. Read more


Canine Sports Zone is an indoor fun space for dogs. Agility training and competitions take place here too. Read more



Nick Berard

In a new memoir, “The Education of Will,” animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell reveals how training her troubled puppy helped her confront her own past trauma and abuse. Read more

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After more than 12 years we had to say goodbye to our Shetland sheepdog, Calvin. He helped make our house feel like home. Read more

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Craig Michaels hikes with pups in a new kind of canine daycare. Off-leash adventures mean more than just a tired dog at the end of the day. Read more

A & E

Property managers around Madison are turning to forensic science to crack down on dog poop offenders. Read more


​Madison Parks superintendent Eric Knepp says Madison’s dog policy is “antiquated” and is urging city officials to extend a pilot program allowing more leashed dogs in city parks. Read more

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