Millions of Americans have used FDA-regulated nicotine vapor products for more than a decade without incident. Shouldn’t it be pretty obvious that these products are not responsible for the recent spate of severe lung injuries? Read more

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Annie Dean

The Lion of Judah, House of Rastafari Church used the Mifflin Street block party as an opportunity to grow its flock by selling marijuana joints and edibles. It was a smashing success, even though Madison officials say it was illegal. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Fatal opioid overdoses are on the rise in Dane County. It’s time to legalize cannabis and opioid use and treat drug abuse as the public health problem it is. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Library officials are considering whether to have Narcan at the ready after three overdoses at its flagship branch this year, one of which was fatal. Read more

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Thousands of Dane County residents have struggled with addiction from opioids. Dane County has also struggled to cover the costs of dealing with the epidemic. Now the county is joining a national effort to get Big Pharma to help pay for the fallout. Read more

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Time Magazine

Trump floats the idea of the death penalty for drug dealers. But what about when its big pharmaceutical companies that are the dealers? Read more

Democracy in Crisis


David Michael Miller

The exploding opioid epidemic is being exacerbated by the growing shortage of attorneys. The crisis is most evident in the courtrooms of rural Wisconsin. One solution: raise the pay for public defenders. Read more

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Todd Hubler

Increasing concerns about opioid abuse among student athletes have prompted the creation of a state website. The Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association collaborated on the project. Read more



David Michael Miller

For three years, Dane County has given a select number of addicts a chance to avoid prosecution, provided they complete a rigorous deferment program. The county is now looking to double the program’s capacity. Read more



Steven Potter

Heroin mixed with fentanyl--a potent synthetic narcotic--is becoming “the new normal” around the country, officials believe. Locally, that’s coincided with a spike in overdoses. And authorities fear the worst is yet to come. Read more

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A woman writes that her husband is threatened by Addyi, aka the “female Viagra.” Read more

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The Dane County District Attorney’s office wants more people to have access to naloxone, better known by its trade name, Narcan, and recently began requiring addicts in the county’s Opiate Initiative to train on how to use it. Read more



Joe Anderson

A new synthetic hallucinogen, 25I, is gaining popularity among teens. It often causes users to react erratically and violently. Are police prepared to deal with it? Read more

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Quincy Bioscience, the fast-growing Madison brain supplement maker, has all but settled its problems with the federal Food and Drug Administration, says Quincy president Mark Underwood. Read more

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Andrew Averill

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) announced at a news conference he was introducing legislation that would, if passed, make Wisconsin the 17th state to legalize the cultivation and possession of medicinal marijuana. Read more


At a Wednesday press conference with representatives from area law enforcement and drug treatment agencies -- many in colored name tags meant to correspond to their roles in the initiative -- Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and Madison Mayor Paul So Read more


It's a testament to how strong the marijuana movement is in Madison that its annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival is now in its 41st year. Despite reaching that milestone, this year's harvest is notable for a sadder reason. It marks the fi Read more


It is a clear early spring evening, and Jack is walking along the perimeter of his south Madison property, pointing out where he grows marijuana. "You really have to look to see it," says Jack, a pseudonym. Jack is middle-aged, with trimmed, spiky gr Read more